Free EP download from extreme metal band Lectamynol

Belgium’s LECTAMYNOL release “Tools To Wield The Apes” as Free EP Download

Belgium’s extreme metal destroyers LECTAMYNOL have released their debut EP “Tools To Wield The Apes” as a free download. This punishing goliath of sound features 4 vicious tracks that slice apart multiple genres of extreme metal.

Like an insane surgeon LECTAMYNOL stitches together the nastiest elements of death, thrash, black and doom metal into one venemous juggernaut of furious sound that takes no prisoners and makes no apologies. Savage, hypnotic and utterly decimating, LECTAMYNOL attack their audience with a deranged style that is lethal as napalm and brutal as a Boston curb-job.

LECTAMYNOL is a departure of sound for the band members, since former outfits include the unrelentlessly heavy doom projects Thee Plague of Gentlemen, GURA, Möse, and AL2 RUIN, among others.

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