Debut Album from Leverage Models in October

Leverage Models share new track featuring  Sharon Van Etten – Debut LP due October 1 via Hometapes


Shannon Fields left Brooklyn, took up residence on a small farm in upstate New York where he learned how to take care of horses and began work on what would become Leverage Models, figuring he could maybe broker a peace between himself and pure entertainment, pleasure, health.

 Shannon’s songs follow deeply broken human and animal characters set in miniature and lost countries where corporate jargon, self-loathing, fear of color, and a handful of relationships based on sexual and financial subjugation grow limbs and faces and walk around glowing in hay-lofts at night. Leverage Models music, however, privileges immediate pleasure, dancing, and unhinged joy. A live band with large Latin percussion ensemble, horns, synthesizers, drum machines, and guitars has been tearing themselves to pieces this spring in NYC in service of adrenalin and joy.
Over the past year or so, Leverage Models made two exploratory cassettes, chasing unloved sounds and testing out musical identities. On October 1st, Hometapes will release the debut Leverage Models LP. The record features several life rafts full of noteworthy contributors from across the musical map and makes new sculptures out of the the warped shadows of bands like ABC, Scritti Politti, The Dream, Hall & Oates, This Heat, The Associates, Happy Mondays, Japan, Usher, Robert Wyatt, A Certain Ratio, Material, Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam, Durutti Column, Throbbing Gristle, The Glove, etc.