Phinehas – “Fleshkiller”


Phinehas – The Last Word Is Yours To Speak

Due to metalcore being among the most watered down of the sub-genres of metal, it is really difficult to stand out and impress. Phinehas is, go figure, a Christian metalcore band from Los Angeles that plays technically sound material that, although overproduced for my taste, contains enough heaviness and talent to make even the most jaded critic tip his or her hat.

The chorus of “Fleshkiller” is well put together and contains clean vocals from a singer who, get this, sounds like he can actually hold a note or two. Although the guitars are not tuned in any manner that suggests ugliness or danger, elements I find more than attractive in aggressive music, lead work is played tastefully and interestingly over some heavy breaks that should get the young boys and girls excited. Perhaps my only complaint with this song is my complaint with metalcore and its ugly red headed step sister deathcore in general, the production takes away from the raw emotion that gives bands their own unique identities. Polished recordings and ProTools have stripped bands of what makes them special, and that is truly a shame. Phinehas is a talented band that is certainly capable of writing interesting music, unfortunately they are a victim of their time and this unfortunate trend in music.