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Low – The Invisible Way

Although they’re definitely against their oft-described ‘slowcore’ description, the music of Low has always seemed fitting for this title. With nine previous albums already under their belt, the duo of Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker have remained a constant figure and their vocals, along with their even-tempered music, have always maintained Low’s … [Read more...]

Matthew & Me Release New Single & EP

Matthew & Me hailing from Devon, UK have released their new single 'Modern Life' coinciding with the release of their "MMXIII" EP on 15th July. The single is produced by Bruno Ellingham who has worked with the likes of  Doves, Elbow and Maccabees just to name a few. It is already on XFM’s playlist, Lamacq’s a huge fan and has been giving it … [Read more...]

Debut Album from Andrew St James this fall

 “Cassidy,” the first single from Doldrums collection, set for release September 24th. Andrew St James is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter from the fog-enshrouded misty hills of San Francisco’s Twin Peaks.  Incorporating a beyond-his-years lyrical vision with a unique gift for … [Read more...]

Album from Blair Crimmins & The Hookers out this fall Blair Crimmins began his current music career in Atlanta, Georgia, with a determination to bring Ragtime and 1920’s style Dixieland Jazz to new audiences. What he created was a sound that is at once modern while being deeply rooted … [Read more...]

Eat Lights Become Lights – Modular Living

Whilst it’s great on many levels that all things kosmische and motorik have been so widely embraced and recognised in recent years, we’re at a point now where adherent artists can't just cruise along on the fuel of all the key references to make a real impact.  For it is no longer enough to have a Cluster synth fetish, to know Tago Mago backwards … [Read more...]

The Head And The Heart Announce New Music and New Tour

 The Head And The Heart have announced they will be releasing their second album “Let’s Be Still” on 15th October on Sub Pop Records.  The album follows the 2011 critically and commercially breakout self – titled debut which has scanned nearly 280,000 copies to date in the US alone. To coincide with the upcoming release, the band has announced a … [Read more...]

James Blake – Overgrown

By now it might be common knowledge that James Blake is a musician that demands a certain amount of attention. After a brief spell of recording music under his erstwhile moniker, Harmonimix, and releasing numerous EPs and singles under his own name, Blake released his self-titled debut to well-earned praise. Minimal and unique, it was what dubstep … [Read more...]

Interview with Bloody Knives

I heard your most recent EP, Death, on AOL Spinner and was totally blown away by your wild amalgam of sound!  I’m totally into your unique combo of hardcore pace of drum and cymbal bash, expansive astral synth projections, and Preston’s dreamy, buried vocals.  What has the reception been like for your Death EP and why, oh, why is it available only … [Read more...]

Anagnorisis – “Clan of Kerr”

Kentucky based Anagnorisis' most recent offering Beyond All Light is set for release in the Summer of 2013 and the stand out track "Clan of Kerr" perfectly demonstrates the band's eclectic manipulation of thrash, black, and death metal sounds. With a guitar tone that eerily resembles older Dark Funeral before evolving into an At the Gates meets … [Read more...]

Album from John Nagle out soon

 John Nagle - "Blank Space" Distractions is a quirky and soulful landscape of songs centered around the friendship of two offbeat characters who become entangled in the distractions of love. This is the story--and debut--of artist, John Nagle, and producer, Nahneen Kula. Right before they met, John unwittingly discovered Nahneen's home-made … [Read more...]