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Interview with Madison

Hey there, Madison!  It sure is a treat to touch base with you about your latest EP, the catchy-as-all-get-out We’ve Been Nothing, which came out in early February.  It’s the 2nd of a run of 4 EPs that you’re releasing.  What’s the vibe like for you now and when are the 3rd and 4th EPs due?  For EP #3 the vibe is very happy, very FUN FUN FUN, … [Read more...]

New Album from West African ensemble Tal National

THE WEST AFRICAN ENSEMBLE TAL NATIONAL UNVEILS NEW CUT FROM KAANI Tal National are from Niamey, the capital city of Niger. Their music is joyously hypnotic, a highly unique contribution to West African guitar music. With its lightening fast rhythms and rotating cast of vocalists can be … [Read more...]

Mark Mulcahy – Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You

Life hasn’t been easy for Mark Mulcahy since the release of his last long-player, 2005’s still enduring In Pursuit Of Your Happiness, particularly with the death of his wife leaving him as a single parent to young twins.  Mercifully though, Mulcahy has found a way to gradually return to active duty, in part thanks to the financial and moral support … [Read more...]

Public Image Ltd – First Issue (Reissue)

The Sex Pistols were always going to be a hard act to follow, even for 22 year old anarchist frontman, Johnny Rotten. Following the band's collapse, Rotten reverted to his birth name, Lydon, and formed Public Image Ltd (aka PiL) with Clash castaway Keith Levene and Can nut / bassist Jah Wobble. It saw the unpredictable Lydon returning to his arty, … [Read more...]

Single from Polytype out now

"Cyclone": Polytype is an Indie/Electronic band from Provo, UT. The band consists of Jared Price (bass/synths), Jason Gibby (samplers/synths), Mason Porter (vocals/samplers) and Scott Haslam (guitar). After collaborating on a number of earlier projects, the group began playing together in … [Read more...]

Underappreciated Album of the Month: UAM #9 (Pluramon – The Monstrous Surplus, 2007)

With this feature we focus our attention on an album that may not have gotten the recognition and accolades it deserves. It might be a cult hit, a little-known favorite, or an album that is just so great, we feel it needs all of the attention possible. Albums chosen for this feature were released five years ago or more and are chosen at the … [Read more...]

Solo debut from Erza Furman in July

Chicago native Ezra Furman’s solo debut The Year Of No Returning is being released for the first time on CD by venerable independent label Bar/None Records. The album was recorded in Chicago in the attic/studio at the top of his former residence, produced and co-masterminded by Tim Sandusky. The Year Of No Returning hits stores July 16. The Year … [Read more...]

Lemuria – The Distance Is So Big

Lemuria are a fun little 3 piece band out of New York. Previously releasing music through Art of The Underground, No Idea Records and Asian Man Records, they settled in to Bridge 9, a dominant label in the hardcore punk scene to put out their second album Pebbles. After touring half of the world, they went back into the studio to record The … [Read more...]

Album from Amanda Jo Williams out now Even when she’s on East Coast domestic duty raising three kids, Amanda Jo Williams remains an enigmatic L.A. musical mainstay. Over a decade into her wild tenure, most are at a loss of where to put her, how to describe her, and how to process such lines as “I need a fire in my … [Read more...]

Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld – Still Smiling

Hellish nightmares, tender dreams and all that’s in between are dramatically evoked in this collaboration between Italian composer Teho Teardo and German musician Blixa Bargeld. The two originally worked together on a song for a film soundtrack and went on to produce a whole album over two years. It’s an album that encapsulates qualities of both … [Read more...]