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New Howling Owl signing, Oliver Wilde, unveils video and tour dates ahead of debut album

Promising experimental-pop artisan Oliver Wilde is set to release his debut album, A Brief Introduction To Unnatural Lightyears, on the Bristol DIY label Howling Owl Records on July 22nd. Ahead of the LP’s release, a video for the sublime six minute download single, “Perrett’s Brook,” has just been unveiled.  Arguably one of the most imaginative … [Read more...]

Kanye West – Yeezus

Six albums ago, many people were justly excited to champion Kanye West as one of the greatest musicians/artists this world was going to see. With songs like “Jesus Walks” and “Slow Jamz,” his debut, The College Dropout, merited a fair amount of attention and accolades. But many of these enthusiasts were made out to seem just as delusional as the … [Read more...]

New Track from alt-rockers Black Suit Youth

The Alternative Rock band called Black Suit Youth from Long Island, NY. just released the first single off their upcoming full-length album to be released later this year.  Here is the link to the single, "Another Night In The Tombs," along with an exclusive, unreleased B-side, "Look Out … [Read more...]

Kevin Tihista – Modern Standard

After a low-key yet triumphant return from the wilderness with last year’s bittersweet break-up song-cycle set, On This Dark Street, Kevin Tihista could easily have taken another lengthy hiatus, content in the knowledge that he had delivered one of the best releases of his contrarian career.  Yet said LP came with a side-promise that some more … [Read more...]

Metamono Kickstarter campaign to release With The Compliments Of Nuclear Physics

London’s manifesto-clutching retro-futuristic analogue electronica trio Metamono (featuring Cyclopean’s Jono Podmore) are set to follow the recent self-released and acclaimed “Warszawa” b/w “Shafty” 7″ single with a debut double album - entitled With The Compliments Of Nuclear Physics - this coming October. However, to help fund the physical … [Read more...]

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding hit UK and European roads for June, July & August

In support to the release of Scott & Charlene’s Wedding’s second full-length album, Any Port In A Storm, via Fire Records on 22nd July, Craig Dermody’s increasingly melodic lo-fi slacker-rock outfit take to the road in June, July and August across the UK, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. Criss-crossing said countries from the 27th June, the … [Read more...]

Lacrimas Profundere – Antiadore

In order to celebrate their 20th anniversary, the German gothic band Lacrimas Profundere released their 10th album Antiadore. This is probably one of their most intriguing albums after the vocalist change in 2008. Antiadore's artwork, music, lyrics and the title itself are all closely connected by one main thread: a painful heartache that has lead … [Read more...]

Little Boots – Nocturnes

While Nocturnes doesn’t have the immediate impact or supremely sticky quality of Little Boots’, AKA Victoria Hesketh's, high-caliber dance-pop debut, Hands, it does display a slow-growing (Or is that glowing?) charm that rings true to the album’s muted title.  After the excitement of the glossy, cosmopolitan Hands, it was expected, or at least … [Read more...]

New Album from band Massy Ferguson

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON-BASED MASSY FERGUSON CELEBRATE THE RELEASE OF THEIR THIRD FULL-LENGTH, VICTORY & RUINS, ON SEATTLE-BASED INDIE SPARK & SHINE RECORDS Music video for "Hello!": Massy Ferguson is celebrating the release of their third full-length, and fifth release overall, Victory & … [Read more...]

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

For a very long time now it certainly felt as if Daft Punk weren't going to return from their spaceship any time soon. Coy and playfully, this spaceship has been referenced even by Pharrell Williams in mentioning the French duo's electric and eclectic take on music. Whatever the case was, it's always been well-known and furthermore, well-received, … [Read more...]