Virginia Wing – “Red Sails” b/w “Creation” 7″

Virginia Wing - Red Sails b/w Creation

Virginia Wing – “Red Sails” b/w “Creation”

Although it’s easy for new artists to push themselves out into the world via digital outlets, nothing really makes for a better fledgling calling card than the timeless 7” single.  This is something that Critical Heights knows well via the label’s string of one-off and stepping-stone single releases, with this offering from Virginia Wing being the latest.  Whilst the London quartet may still be a little work-in-progress, this first release on vinyl shows strong signs of future promise. Reflecting two sides of Virginia Wing – who only formed around a year ago – this 7″ shows a group in thrall to some classic and innovative sounds from the past but also giddy from fresh-faced democratic interplay.

“Red Sails” on the A-side unpeels languorously with balmy Broadcast synth swirls, a Stereolab rhythm bed and dainty Young Marble Giants vocals.  It may sound derivative in text but its mixture of dreaminess and drive gels together distinctively.  On the flipside, the equally impressive “Creation” strikes a darker yet still melodic mood with a hook-heavy psyche-pop guitar riff akin to the excellent Violet Woods, reverb-coated male vocals strangely reminiscent of a younger Mark Kozelek and more retro synth shadings.  Like the A-side, it’s just short of three minutes in duration and leaves you wanting more, which is always a good sign.

As the first main act of growing-up in public, this fresh-faced foursome has made a respectable official start.  It could be fun watching them add more to the family album.

Critical Heights