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Q&A with Lost Animal

Aloha Jarrod!  Hardly Art released your debut album, Ex Tropical, in the U.S in late January.  Although Lost Animal is your project, you collaborated with Shags Chamberlain, as well as producer John Lee, on your album.  Do you consider Lost Animal to be a duo (or more) or a solo project with ever-changing contributors? It's a solo project with … [Read more...]

New Album and Video from Linda Draper

Brooklyn-based artist Linda Draper releases video for “Hollow” single Linda Draper presents “Hollow,” the first music video from her seventh album, Edgewise, scheduled for release on May 21st.   The haunting song is the result of a conversation that Linda overheard on an airplane.  A mother was … [Read more...]

New Track from Mister Lies available now

Mister Lies "Magichour" ft. KNOWER: Mister Lies is the product of dorm-room insomnia, the development of a family of friends in a city of strangers under altered states and the feeling of homesickness for places where one only feels homesick. It is also the operational alias for … [Read more...]

Casual Sex – Stroh 80 7″

A band with the name Casual Sex ought to turn a few heads and leave the sensitive listener dubious over what sleazy attitude and music they employ. Glaswegians are known for their dry wit and humorous observations of society’s ills: underage drinking, track-suited neds, and of course, shameless one night stands. This Scottish four-piece engage … [Read more...]

New Album from Estrangers out soon

Estrangers release new LP on June 11 via Phuzz Sounds ESTRANGERS make the kind of classic pop that hides in plain sight, the kind that lingers in the blown-out speakers of vintage thrift store amplifiers and makes you wonder why you stopped listening. Towering melodies, cavernous guitar … [Read more...]

Lifesigns – Lifesigns

These days, supergroups and guest appearances are very commonplace in the progressive rock realm, so it comes as no surprise that the self-titled debut by Lifesigns contains both. Featuring the talents of Robin Boult (John Young Band), Steve Hackett (Genesis), Thijs Van Leer (Focus) and Jakko Jakszyk (King Crimson), the record is at once familiar … [Read more...]

New Album from Statistics in June

Statistics announce new full-length, Peninsula, due out June 25 on Afternoon Records. Statistics - "Nineteen Ninety Nine" Statistics is the solo project of singer-songwriter, Denver Dalley. His latest release, Peninsula, is reminiscent of the electronic infused rock-n-roll that defined his decade-old debut. But Statistics has matured into … [Read more...]

Interview with David Baker (Variety Lights, Shady and ex-Mercury Rev)

Largely due to the fashion-driven push-pull of the brand new and the nostalgic, views of musical history are constantly being rewritten.  As a co-founding Mercury Rev vocalist and songwriter, David Baker’s place in said band’s fledgling years - specifically across 1991’s sublime Yerself Is Steam, 1993’s brutally inventive Boces and countless … [Read more...]

Julia Holter – Tragedy (Reissue)

Julia Holter's Ekstasis was one of the most underrated albums of last year: an avant-pop masterpiece shamefully excluded from critics' year-end lists. If that record was a direct hit, then the Californian singer / songwriter's 2011 debut Tragedy was a near miss, only through its fractured, wavering nature. It found Holter marking her territory … [Read more...]

Album from Australia’s Bored Nothing out soon

Melbourne's Bored Nothing debuts "Echo Room" LP last month on Spunk and Cooperative Music Bored Nothing is the recording project of one young Fergus Miller, who recorded a good deal of his songs as a nomadic teen with no fixed address and no plans or musical successes. He recorded these … [Read more...]