The Milk Carton Kids – “Years Gone By”

The Milk Carton Kids - "Years Gone By"

The Milk Carton Kids – “Years Gone By”

Taking elements from such acts as Simon & Garfunkel, The Carter Family, and Iron & Wine, The Milk Carton Kids croon ever so sweetly here on track four, “Years Gone By”. Their newest offering, The Ash & Clay hit stores on March 26th via Anti- Records.

Hailing from Eagle Rock, CA this folk duo have produced a record best shared, along side a cup of tea, as well as total lacrimation.

“Years Gone By” is a tale of change, mystery, and regret. It evokes seasons passed, loss, sadness, and not knowing oneself. This record comes as a breath of fresh air and will surely evoke memories such as the one that got away and loved one’s who are no longer with us.

All the while both Kenneth and Joey do so in a manner of unparalleled respect. The listener can vision the two, tipping their hats among the crowd of mourners.

The Ash & Clay is triumphant, laced with tinges of country, bluegrass, and campfire ballads. One cannot grasp a record such as this in a single listen.

The Milk Carton Kids are currently on tour.

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