Q&A with Apologies, I Have None

(copyright: Apologies I Have None)

(copyright: Apologies, I Have None)

There is a small gray van, standing on the ‘Oude Markt’ in the city of Leuven–a place that is known to many students as “The longest bar in the world”. I have gathered inside to do a quick interview with Dan Bond and Josh McKenzie from the British punk quartet Apologies, I Have None, just before they took the stage at The Rockcafé in Leuven, Belgium.

Hi guys, thanks for the interview. Are you excited for tonight’s show?

Dan: Yeah definitely, we played here six months ago, so it’s our second time in Leuven. The first time we had no expectations at all. We didn’t know anyone and we just kind of loaded in and we had no idea what was going to happen. But it was great.

Very recently you’ve played one of your biggest shows ever, opening for the Gaslight Anthem. How did that feel?

Josh: It was good. I don’t know what to say about it, apart from that it was really, really good. And it was indeed our biggest show ever.

And you’re going back to Germany opening for Anti-Flag, right?

Dan: We’re in Germany before that though, quite a lot even.
Josh: Yeah, the Anti-Flag show isn’t until June, July.

Are you more nervous now that you know what to expect?

Josh: No. Not really, I don’t really get nervous anyway so… I get more nervous when I don’t know what to expect. So in a way, the Gaslight show was more nerve-wracking for me.

Dan: And big shows are just easier. You’ve got the space to do what you want to do. You don’t have to worry about problems with the PA (There were some problems with the PA earlier that night, Ed.) or anything. It’s a bit easier just being able to set up and play.

Do you feel like you could start playing at bigger venues more often, or are you going to stick to the smaller shows, like the one today?

Josh: I’d like to do both actually. I’d like to do as much as we can of anything.

Apologies I Have None, Live in Düsseldorf

Apologies, I Have None, Live in Düsseldorf

In a few months the festival season is starting. You played at the Reading and Leeds festival in Great Britain last year. Are there any major festivals where you are appearing this summer?

Josh: Well most of the shows later this year are small festivals or outdoor gigs.

Dan: At the moment we’re mainly looking at bands that we’re fan of, and try to play a show with them. Ticking them off one at a time.

Okay and since you’re in Belgium now. Are there any Belgian bands that you would like to do a show with?
Dan: I can’t think of any right now.

Dan, you are going to be a father soon.  Congratulations to you and your girlfriend. But do you think that this will affect the band and mainly your busy tour schedule?

Dan: Well I think it’s inevitable that it will, there is no way around it. I think it’s something that I should take as it comes really. A lot of it depends on how Emma’s feeling. Honestly I still want to play shows and tour and stuff. And we won’t have to stop doing that.  If anything it has refocused me on not wasting time and really putting the effort in. Like we can’t let time go to waste.

You guys are known to tour a lot on the European continent, but are there any plans of going to America?

Dan: I think realistically, we won’t go to America until the next record is finished. Well unless something comes up of course. But to go to America is really expensive and it takes a lot of preparation to make it work. Honestly I want to go anywhere: Canada, Australia,… there’s no place where I don’t want to set up our stuff and play.

You mentioned a new album. How are these plans coming along?

Dan: Basically we’re writing and demoing it now. In the last couple of months it kind of started coming together. The songs sounded really good.

Josh: Yeah, we sat on our asses a bit after we released London (laughs). But we’ll find the time, we just haven’t been doing it enough previous to the last couple of months really.

Apologies I Have None - London

Apologies, I Have None – London

And do you have any idea when this new album will be released?

Dan: It won’t be this year, but hopefully at the beginning of next year. That’s all we can tell you for now, because we really don’t have any idea ourselves.

That’s all I wanted to ask. Is there anything you wanted to tell the readers of adequacy.net?

Dan: Our friends Great Cynics just recorded a new album called Like I belong. So my final words would be to listen to that album. Either buy it or steal it, but listen to the album!

Apologies, I Have None, Live at Rockcafé Leuven.

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