Grown Up Avenger Stuff – “Sparkleton”

Grown Up Avenger Stuff - "Sparkleton"

Grown Up Avenger Stuff – “Sparkleton”

It’s been give or take a month since Grown Up Avenger Stuff, the band led by vocalist Deirdre Kroener, released their latest album and that has given me quite enough time to listen to the title track “Sparkleton”.

The song has a very mellow and laidback start. Though surprised at first, since the band was described to me as “ quirky yet hard hitting”, I quickly lost my prejudice when the vocals kicked in. Kroener’s singing is beautiful, especially since it was accompanied by nothing but some bass guitar. The pauses between her sentences are just long enough not to bore you but always keep you longing for more, and I almost felt saddened when the drums filled in.

As soon as Tyler Thomsen starts banging his drumsticks together though, I felt like he pushed the song into a new direction. It was the breaking point, when the song went from a laidback ballad to a rock and roll song. You can feel the underlying tension rise and lead up to a dramatic release, kind of like a drop in more electronic songs. Though the instrumental development in this build up is wonderful, I was a bit let down by the lyrics (“You’ve got rhythm, you’ve got soul”) which aren’t close to being as outstanding  as the rest of the song. But once again, Kroener’s wonderful singing definitely makes up for this minor letdown.

When “Sparkleton” bursts open, close to halfway through the song, my head instantly started banging along. The flow in this tune is just right, and even though at first the lyrics make even less sense than earlier. The song calms down for a while and we get a rather short, but nevertheless highly appreciated, instrumental part. After this interlude Kroener gets a chance to show off her incredible vocal abilities, starting in a high register and bringing it all the way down– her voice doesn’t crack a single time. Yours truly was impressed . After that the song bursts open a second time for its grand finale, all held together by the vocals, which keep repeating the same chant until the very end.

After hearing “Sparkleton” I immediately went and listened to the rest of the CD, and I think it’s fair to say that GUAS delivered an outstanding album. All songs are wonderful, bass driven indie rock tunes. Apart from that, even though they have definitely found their musical style they aren’t afraid to explore by implementing elements from very differing genres, such as the rap-like lyrics in “The beat”.  If you haven’t picked up a copy of Sparkleton in the past month, make sure you get it as soon as possible.

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