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Mortal Morning – 11-12 EP

In the early 1940s, French composer Pierre Schaeffer developed a revolutionary recording technique that would later become a staple of the electronic and hip hop genres. His experiments in sound collage, utilizing gramophone and proto tape recorders, preempted much later activity by everyone from Eno to Bambaataa. In this digital age, the … [Read more...]

12″ EP from Harm’s Way out soon

Harm's Way Join the Deathwish Family, "Blinded" 12"EP Out Soon Harm's Way made a name for themselves with masterful releases on the Organized Crime and Closed Casket Activities labels. With their punishing "Isolation" album (Closed Casket, 2011), Harm's Way brutally melded metal attack, hardcore aggression, and industrial repetition into a new … [Read more...]

Mwahaha – Mwahaha

So they’ve got a name that sounds silly or sinister depending how you say it. They’ve played at Warp Records’ SXSW showcase and collaborated with Tuneyards’ Merril Garbus on their debut album produced by Eli Crews (Deerhoof, WHY?). As an experimental avant-garde band, Mwahaha’s credentials are tight and this release on Plug Research is an expanded … [Read more...]

Hang Time – Hang Time

A lineup augmentation of disbanded group The Future of the Ghost has come together to bring you an energetic debut of indie fun-time frolic rock. A flyer on Hangtime's Facebook in many way sums up their sound: a recycled but colourful collage that celebrates pizza, Twins and Macaulay Culkin. Having had a year of gigging around Salt Lake City, I'm … [Read more...]

New Single from black metal band Bontanist

BOTANIST PREMIERES NEW SONG, "NOURISHING THE FETUS (MANDRAGORA IV)", ON METALSUCKS New Album, IV: Mandragora, out now from The Flenser  Botanist, the unconventional one-man black metal band featuring vocals, drums, and hammere  dulcimer instrumentation, released its fourth album, IV: Mandragora, on February 19th from experimental metal label The … [Read more...]

Directorsound – I Hunt Alone

The Bournemouth-born and Bristol-based Nicholas Palmer certainly isn’t one to rush out albums under his Directorsound alias, given that this first release on Second Language is only the third 'official' long-player in the space of ten years.  Yet he’s certainly not been idle in-between times given that his key role in The A. Lords (both as a … [Read more...]

Eibon – “The Void Settlers”

Ah yes, the return of Eibon. I cannot tell you how much I've been anticipating the release of their new record, II, due out on April 17. This advance track, "The Void Settlers", is a slight departure from past releases. You can hear the progression in style, song structure, and production. Hailing from Paris, France this 5 piece have released … [Read more...]

Debut Album from Home by Hovercraft out now

Dallas band/performance troupe Home by Hovercraft's debut album out now Home By Hovercraft is a theatrically and classically influenced rock band led by husband and wife duo Seth Magill (vocals/tuba) and Shawn Magill (piano/vocals /xylophone). Rounded out by Seth’s sister Abbey Magill (step … [Read more...]

New Album from PTTRNS in April

Benjamin Riedl, Daniel Mertens, Hendrik Frese and Patrick Hohlweck are Pttrns. After their 2010 debut album Science Piñata (Europe/North America: Altin Village & Mine, Asia: Moorworks), followed by numerous headline shows, 2013 sees them return with Body Pressure, a spectacular development in the band's catalogue. After a full European tour … [Read more...]

Markus Mehr – Off

In July of last year, I reviewed Markus Mehr's On album here at DOA, the second part of the trilogy of albums that Off is the final section of. On is a tremendously varied and imaginative sequence of tracks, varying from ambient soundscapes to haphazardly conceived audio collages, and it's continuous invention gives the album an accessibility that … [Read more...]