New Album from Camera out now

Chicago’s Camera release new LP, The Panic and the Permanence

Drawing from the nervosa of living in a modern society, Camera channel their energy into tightly woven tales of anxiety, love and distraction. They remain alert amidst the imposed sedateness of the masses and bring their sounds out from underneath this veil of contempt in hopes of achieving an enlightenment often denied to the underclass of the working world. The band is a triumvirate force utilizing the talents of Justin C. Scro (Guitar & Vocals), Ryan Aylward (Bass, Synthesizer, Production) and Joseph Scro (Drums, Piano, Percussion). Comprised of two brothers and their childhood friend, they’ve been honing their craft for over ten years. The Panic and the Permanence is the result of these three men and their collective vision.

To ensure that their vision would not be compromised, they hired Recording Magazine’s chief gear reviewer; Paul Vnuk Jr. for recording and production duties and enlisted the legendary Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, U2, Jeff Buckley, The Smashing Pumpkins, etc.) to master the album. Their sound was once described by a journalist as ‘Pop-Noir’ and their music could be compared to perhaps a David Bowie-fronted Nirvana, Talking Heads playing with Pere Ubu, or Brian Eno working with Deerhunter.

Turning paranoia into energy and angst into action, Camera prepare to embark upon the general population with their newest creation: The Panic and the Permanence.