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Inc. – No World

Inc. - No World

Inc. – No World

“The place that we already know, I feel like we’ve been here before.” The Aged brothers are sure acting the part if they haven’t already been “here” before. Nary a moment is wasted as this opening line chisels out the album’s first track, “the place”. The atmosphere is hardly arid concerning not only the lyrics but also the hip-hop drenched influence of the Aged brothers project, aptly named, Inc. Their newest full-length album is 11 tracks of sultry ambience fully cognizant of the importance of influence and how important that pedigree is. The album is entitled, “No World” and is out now via 4AD records.

Andrew and Daniel are the brothers disguised as Inc. Andrew tailors a fearless and poised electric guitar intellect. It’s hard not to realize that these siblings have a defined Prince influence with the late 80’s/early 90’s hip-hop crafting the main pulse of the jams. Daniel is a clever and airy background bass player whose bass lines provide the much-needed lower frequency. “5 days” shines brightly with the trap set beat laying the foundation with subtle ghost notes, a jazzy guitar riff and the synthesizing ivories that show how potent the soul genre is within their music. Some of the tracks show a bit too much consistency with monotonous drum sounds, effects and recording techniques, which is good but some of the songs may have a tendency to blur together. One stand out rhythmic track however is, “trust (hell below)” with a heavy “snare pop” groove that only a true hip hop fiend could create.

Overall, there is a very cloud-like vibe, reticent of stammering into a mysterious blend of genres. At the same time however, they remain pleasantly aware of their art, expression and their deep connection to their musical persuasions. 2013 has, if nothing else been hounded by this genre, the contemplative yet coercive groove-centered flow with albums like How to Dress Well’s, Total Loss and the magnificent R&B champion, Frank Ocean. While all these albums stay the course, Inc. has a leg up on the competition considering they have the encouragement and history of bloodline; the innate connection that brotherhood brings. The Aged brothers whispering slow jams are reminiscent of seasoned artists returning from an extended hiatus, but unharnessed by their age (no pun intended) this is not the case, as this is their debut album. In my opinion not only beautifully crafted, but treated with care. The last track on the album, “Nariah’s Song” beautifully creates a proper exit as the atmospheric glistening piano carries us away where there is “No World”, only the soul.