Eibon – “The Void Settlers”

Eibon - II

Eibon – II

Ah yes, the return of Eibon. I cannot tell you how much I’ve been anticipating the release of their new record, II, due out on April 17. This advance track, “The Void Settlers”, is a slight departure from past releases. You can hear the progression in style, song structure, and production.

Hailing from Paris, France this 5 piece have released one full length, along with a few splits and an EP since 2005. Characterized as sludge/doom metal, their newest offering in 3 years doesn’t quite fit the mold they were given.

“The Void Settlers” chugs along for at least half of the song until we’re shocked back into reality with a few pops of the snare. Picking itself back up, the song slays the listener and with that, we’re reminded as to why this band carries so much weight.

For now it seems we will have to practice a little patience as only “The Void Settlers” is available.

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