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Henry Fool – Men Singing

I’m the first to admit that jazz rarely appeals to me; I usually find it to be extremely repetitious, stagnant, and uninvolving. However, every once and awhile I come across an album that challenges my expectations with its inventive exploration, colorful timbres, and exceptional variety. Case in point: Men Singing, the newest release by Henry … [Read more...]

Q&A with Mice Parade

Hello Adam!  It’s great to hear back from you and to find out more about your new album Candela and your plans for 2013.  What’s next on your To Do list? Do you mean the Mice Parade to do list?  Rest for a bit and then hit Japan, Hawaii, & USA west coast in May / June. Find a replacement singer for our last two shows as I just found out … [Read more...]

New EP from Boy + Kite out now Austin-based band Boy + Kite has followed-up its 2011 debut album with a new EP. Titled “We Can Go Anywhere We Want,” the new EP was recorded by Nada Surf keyboardist Louie Lino. “Take Sonic Youth’s dynamic shifts and sexy sensibility. Add what could be said to approach a fetish: Electric axes … [Read more...]

The Kingsbury Manx – Bronze Age

At a time when some are artists becoming just too prolific for the good of their audiences, it’s actually relieving that the four members of The Kingsbury Manx haven’t rushed to follow-up 2009’s return-to-form Ascenseur Ouvert! (which in itself took four years to appear after 2005’s The Fast Rise And Fall Of The South LP).  However, opting to … [Read more...]

New Album from Camera out now

Chicago's Camera release new LP, The Panic and the Permanence Drawing from the nervosa of living in a modern society, Camera channel their energy into tightly woven tales of anxiety, love and distraction. They remain alert amidst the imposed sedateness of the masses and bring their … [Read more...]

Chris Abrahams – Memory Night

To fully appreciate Memory Night wait till it gets dark and find a field to lie in, get up on the roof of a derelict factory or sneak into a deserted theatre, plug your iPod into the PA and sit in the back row as the auditorium fills with the four dark unworldly soundscapes on Chris Abrahams’ third solo release on Room40. Abrahams has long … [Read more...]

7″ from LVL UP due in April Dave Benton and Mike Caridi formed LVL UP while attending school at SUNY Purchase in late 2010. The project was intended to be a creative outlet for lofi pop songs with lots of guitar solos and an emphasis on brevity. After recording a few demos and garnering a positive response, LVL UP became a full … [Read more...]

Split 7″ from Loma Prieta and Raein in May

LOMA PRIETA ANNOUNCES SPLIT 7INCH WITH RAEIN, COMING THIS MAY FROM DEATHWISH INC.  An awesome pairing of two incredibly interesting bands who play discordant music. Loma Prieta’s sound is difficult to describe, however it is clear that they come from the rich tradition of creative Bay Area hardcore bands such as Mohinder, Funeral Diner, Bread … [Read more...]

Crime & The City Solution – American Twilight

The artistic ethics debate about bands reforming long after their demise is one that will rage on for forever and a day (long after the likes of Oasis have eventually done umpteenth reunion tours to fleece creaky Britpop fans with Northern Uproar as a support act).  It seems that even with past members slipping off this mortal coil not many bands … [Read more...]

Atoms for Peace – Amok

After their release to the world, back in 2009, Atoms for Peace have been steadfast in growing their sound together, as any band would enjoy. Thom Yorke is always going to be solidified within Radiohead, but he did release an excellent solo album with The Eraser and now, with Atoms for Peace, Yorke works with immensely gifted musicians for another … [Read more...]