Debut Album from Scott & Charlene’s Wedding

Australia’s Scott & Charlene’s Wedding releases debut LP Para Vista Social Club

Heartbreak, working shitty jobs to survive and the loneliness of public transport in a city, Craig Dermody knows no other way than heart-on-sleeve. Hailing from Australia but now living in New York, Dermody’s debut album under the moniker Scott & Charlene’s Wedding was released on  Critical Heights in November.

Para Vista Social Club (named for the Adelaide suburb in which Dermody grew up) is an off-the-cuff collection of real-life woes, each song spilling out like a soused diary entry. The album is sludgy, hypnotic and true, blending the psychedelic swagger of the Velvet Underground by way of Spacemen 3 with the underlying pop sensibility of the Go-Betweens.

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