Rykarda Parasol – “I Know Where My Journey Will End” video


Rock-noir singer-songwriter Rykarda Parasol returns this April with her new album titled Against The Sun. “I Know Where My Journey Will End” will be featured on this album and it’s a subdued stunner with a dreamy video directed by M. Marzio to match.    The video simultaneously projects a haunting, vespertine ambience befitting the song and tempers Rykarda’s somber lyrics and doleful vocal delivery with lighter, celebratory scenes.  Rykarda ponders over her travels and travails and the transience of time which leads to but one destination.


A brooding Rykarda laments with a grave finality that “I’m going there someday / when all travel done / I’ll lay my suitcase down / and write my final song.”  The dirge-like atmosphere of the verses is slightly dispelled by the accompaniment of poignant piano notes and occasional acoustic guitar strum. A multitude of foreboding, wailing female vocal lines materializes on the chorus.  The slow vocal sway ends up swooping into whoops of defiant exuberance.


An elegant Rykarda, draped in a white column dress and rocking a platinum blonde bob and dangling gold earrings, is the centerpiece of the video.  The viewer follows her nocturnal wanderings as she sits in on a house party, perched on a sofa, her drifting, pensive gaze bathed in the wavering, vivid colors of a strobe light.  Rykarda and her friends amuse themselves by chatting, feasting on cherries, and peeling back banana skins with classy aplomb.  To cap off the evening, the revelers take to the city side streets, lighting sparklers against the impending darkness.

Official Video: http://vimeo.com/40046558

Official Site: http://www.rykardaparasol.com/



  1. Great review, dreamtastic video!