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Companion – Companion

In 1978, Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour helped introduce the world to Kate Bush and her debut album, The Kick Inside. Since then, Bush has been revered by fans and critics for her influentially unique, bold, eccentric, and eclectic voice, songwriting, and production. So, why am I discussing her here? Because Pepi Ginsberg, lead vocalist for pop … [Read more...]

Medico Peste – “Livid”

"Livid" is track two off of Medico Peste's new album Tremendum et Fascinatio (Fearful And Fascinating Mystery). Released on October 15, 2012 via Malignant Voices, this Polish quintet's  first proper full length falls nothing short of a masterpiece. "Livid" begins with drummer Priest and bassist The Fall. They join together on an opening that … [Read more...]

New Video from Broken.Heart.Collector

BROKEN.HEART.COLLECTOR New video "eckig" Check out the new BROKEN.HEART.COLLECTOR video ECKIG and the band's debut on Bandcamp. Rumor has it that the BHC-core are working on a new album these days/months/years. … [Read more...]

Video and Single from Maitland

Maitland Debuts "Drop Down" Video - "Drop Down": Years of friendship, youthful journeys, and passion have lead to the formation of this awe-inspiring duo. With only an acoustic guitar and two drums, Maitland catches your ear with angelic melodies, slow … [Read more...]

Booka Shade – Haleshop EP

On 2010‘s More!, Booka Shade crafted an album that while immediately rewarding, showcased a duo that was equally capable of enjoying the winning ways of songcraft and composition. Songs like the romping “Havanna Sex Dwarf” conveyed a sound that was infectiously catchy, others like “Teenage Spaceman,” began with slow-burning textures and layers of … [Read more...]

Third Album from Lusine in February

POP & EXPERIMENTAL SIDES OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC MERGE ON THE WAITING ROOM, OUT 2/19/13 ON GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL Seattle-based producer Jeff McIlwain's work has long inhabited the fertile border zone between electronic pop and experimental electronic music— it's a place that's … [Read more...]

This Is Alaska – Folks Of The Dark And Still Lake EP

Surrounded as I am today with the thickest snowfall I've seen in over two years, This Is Alaska provide exactly the soundtrack to a luminously frozen January afternoon. Vincent Stockholm and Annabeth MacNamara make exactly the kind of shimmering, glacial and deceptively brittle music that the aftermath of a blizzard requires, and yet it's a sound … [Read more...]

Rykarda Parasol – “I Know Where My Journey Will End” video

Rock-noir singer-songwriter Rykarda Parasol returns this April with her new album titled Against The Sun. “I Know Where My Journey Will End” will be featured on this album and it’s a subdued stunner with a dreamy video directed by M. Marzio to match.    The video simultaneously projects a haunting, vespertine ambience befitting the song and tempers … [Read more...]

Tour Dates for Teen Daze

Teen Daze Announces Winter Tour 2013 with XXYYXX "What We Love", a mix by Teen Daze: 02/21/13 - Brooklyn, NY - 285 Kent 02/22/13 - Chicago, IL - Schubas Tavern 02/23/13 - New Orleans, LA - Hi-Ho Lounge 02/24/13 - Washington, DC - U Street Music Hall 02/26/13 - Los Angeles, CA - … [Read more...]

Cyclopean – self-titled EP

Reverence for the Krautrock idioms of yore has arguably never been bigger or so widely expressed than it is now.  With even the likes of Paul Weller developing a motorik affectation and the fervour surrounding last year’s boxset of previously unheard Can material, the importance of the genre's sonic trappings appears to be forever expanding.  But … [Read more...]