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February release for Album from BUKE & GASE

DISCORPORATE RECORDS and ALTIN VILLAGE & MINE are extremely proud to announce the signing of uprising Brooklyn-based phenomena BUKE AND GASE. Check out the first teaser-track “HICCUP” via Soundcloud: BUKE (byook) & GASE (gace) are Arone Dyer on the “buke” (a self-modified … [Read more...]

The Cloisters – self-titled

Whilst it be would somewhat reductive to say that the Second Language label has an overarching sound - especially given the diversity of its affiliated artists - it could be fair to say that a fair proportion of its cast of characters subscribe to a shared sense of mood.  No better was this exemplified than on the label’s recent End Of A Season … [Read more...]

Sarah Cracknell of Saint Etienne re-releases solo Album

Saint Etienne's lead singer Sarah Cracknell re-releases an expanded version of her 1997 solo album, Lipslide. The album was released on Monday 12th November 2012 on Heavenly Recordings via Universal Music Catalogue. Sarah Cracknell’s Lipslide, which has been out of print for 6 years, was released as an expanded, re-mastered 2-disc edition. … [Read more...]

Animal Collective – Centipede Hz

Simply naming an album Feels just seems like the most sincere and genuine ‘declaration’ Animal Collective could have ever come up with for their 2004 album. Subtly blunt, the masterpiece’s ebb and flow was a continuous outpour of rushing gusts (“Grass”), culminating and dynamic growers (“Banshee Beat”) and radiantly beautiful (“Loch Raven”) strokes … [Read more...]

New Music Spotlight #2

All India Radio – Red Shadow Landing  Martin Kennedy, the creative, Australian maestro/spaceman behind long-running project All India Radio, touched down with Red Shadow Landing in October.  Martin is joined by Mark Wendt on bass, Kaz Seiger on keyboards, and Michael Evans-Barker on drums and percussion.  Like its predecessors, this album is a … [Read more...]

Saint Etienne re-release updated remixes Album

Saint Etienne have announced details of the release of an ‘updated’ version of their remix compilation Casino Classics. The album was released on Monday 12th November 2012 on Heavenly Recordings via Universal Music Catalogue. The  new release rounds out a set of Saint Etienne re-issues that commenced in 2009 with the expanded version of the … [Read more...]

Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot – Live From The Planet

It's at least a quarter of a century since the Stray Cats very firmly put Rockabilly back onto the musical map. Without ever seeming notably nostalgic, retro obsessed or even ironic, the Stray Cats took music of what was then three decades previous and gave it a verging on New Wave makeover, sounding authentically true to their inspirations and as … [Read more...]

New EP from Call Answer out now

"Now Attract" MP3 Link - Call Answer is the brainchild of mutli-genre music producer Leon Louder. Leon Louder grew up in Montreal, where he has operated as a DJ, beat-maker, sound designer, backup singer, composer, and voice over artist. Call Answer is his first solo pop-production … [Read more...]

Official News about Steve Kilbey Martin Kennedy Album

Hey everyone, We are deep into production of our third album You Are Everything and to help us complete it we are running a campaign through Pledgemusic. If you pre-order the new album, you will automatically receive a digital copy of the new album as soon as it is completed early next year and you will have the opportunity to pledge for … [Read more...]

January release for Album by Mice Parade

CANDELA by Mice Parade OUT JANUARY 29, 2013 DOWNLOAD 'THIS RIVER HAS A TIDE' Candela is the stunning new full-length from the genre-bending collective Mice Parade, due out on Fat Cat Records on January 29th, 2013. Named after a colorful late-night bar in Madrid (known as a flamenco guitar players Mecca), Candela is a bright and vivid LP that … [Read more...]