Matmos – The Ganzfeld EP

Matmos – The Ganzfeld EP

Drawing influences from science and strategic tests, electronic duo Matmos have created an EP as a predecessor to their ensuing LP, out later this year as well. The Ganzfeld EP deploys three carefully crafted songs and marks an opportunity where the experimental duo can revel in heady moments. Closing with “Just Waves,” the duo circles their ideas around the revolving thoughts our human brains consume and layering them one on top of the other, it’s a clashing of sounds celebration. Perhaps a somewhat declaration of what is to come when the official LP drops, The Ganzfeld EP offers ample music to enjoy and bewilder until then.

With the aforementioned ‘choral of voices,’ if you will, on “Just Waves,” the sheer vocal prowess sounds like something Björk might’ve created on her Medúlla album. The sounds all clash within and around each other and every passing chord is a dissonant new tone that clearly affects everything around it. Amassed as the EP’s longest cut, at nearly thirteen minutes long the song cascades the voices and introduces very little instrumental support around them. It’s a stark contrast to the opening and much shorter, “Very Large Green Triangles (Edit),” with ominously layered sounds that this time, feature synths and bells, rather than a collective of voices. And although “Just Waves” is exactly what it depicts – waves surrounded by more waves and in the end, just waves and nothing more – the green triangles circulating in one’s heads are just as menacing.

On “You” the duo takes apart a scaling percussion line before leaving nothing but the ambient remains to decay. Their brand of experimental electronic music is both mentally appealing and challenging; if their inspiration for this short EP is the human mind and its intricacies, the music lends itself with perfectionist tendencies. The nervy tension and discord underlining the beat’s continuous flow is meticulously rendered and Matmos secure a solid turnaround in terms of flow and progression. The music is repetitively tight and although not much more than a three-set EP, The Ganzfeld EP is a strong showing.

While this is indeed a very small sample size, there is also very little denying the spectral qualities that Matmos’ music reaches. Whatever the LP brings will definitely be welcomed and hopefully the sounds are just as otherworldly as these. The brain is a marvelous thing to behold and Matmos seem very much aware of the possibilities. And still, the outerworld that Matmos travel and discover is unlike the world that consumes our most inner thoughts. The Ganzfeld EP welcomes a new spectrum to explore and until then, all seems well for now.

Thrill Jockey