Debut Album from Two Star on Honest Empire Records

Lake Villa, IL-based Two Star’s debut album, “Lover, Our Lips Have Left Us” is the unique story of a lifetime of observation, experimentation, interaction, and pretension. It picks up where the earlier work of artists such as Bright Eyes, Cursive, and Thursday left off, but includes elements that more closely resemble bands such as Death Cab For Cutie and The Most Serene Republic. The album’s opening track “Cue The Choir” tells much about the theme of the record as it blends the organic sounds of guitars, bass, and piano with the digital sounds of synthesizers, layered voices, and industrial-esque drums, all while making way for the vocal hooks and jarring lyrics of front man, Justen Hamilton. The record takes a more conservative approach as it enters, perhaps, its strongest track, “His & Hers”, which features the cathedral cries of church organs behind the familiar electric piano sounds and the not-so-familiar accordion sounds. The album reaches its completion as Hamilton sums up everything he has been saying throughout the record and makes light of it all, leaving us with, “The clock is set, our love is dead, la da da,” in the album’s final track, “Kill The Choir.” Overall, “Lover, Our Lips Have Left Us” is a wonderfully ambitious record that challenges the confines of indie rock, and pop music, all while having a laugh at the rest of us.”

-Ryan Murphy
Honest Empire Records