Blood Red Shoes – “In Time To Voices” video

Laura-Mary and Steven have never taken the video art form by storm, typically releasing decent stage performance-oriented videos.  In a rare flight of imaginative fancy, however, and perhaps due to their collaboration with video director Craig Murray, their latest video spins a ‘fight night’ narrative that depicts an initially zoned-out Laura-Mary in an arm-wrestling match with a massively muscle-bound hulk.  Intimidating, unblinking stares, fingernail digging, surprise head butts, and harmful high heels all figure in the mix, and this being fantasy versus reality, guess who wins? 

The fact that Laura-Mary’s arm isn’t snapped like a twig in the first few seconds by the buff bodybuilder is highly improbable… Sorry Laura-Mary!  Steven makes the most of his minor role as Laura-Mary’s arm-wrestling pimp, giving her a glance of shrugging admiration at the end of the video.  Unfortunately, the somewhat cavalier tone of the video doesn’t really match the emotional depth of the song.

“In Time To Voices” starts off introspectively, with a disconsolate Laura-Mary, fraught with restlessness, drawing out her words in a forlorn, but toothsome tone on the verses amid a smacked beat, reverb guitar, and buzzing background grind.  The chorus abruptly and colossally combusts, with an embattled Steven lashing out, frustratedly exclaiming “How long ‘til I feel stronger? / …slipping back under…”  Vigorous, searing guitar riffs swiftly strike as Laura-Mary and Steven intriguingly entwine, with Laura-Mary’s floating vocals winding through some of Steven’s volatile phrases.