Albums from Italian bands Walking the Cow and Werner

Walking the Cow
Debut album out, (called Monsters are easy to draw) for the italian alt folkers Walking the Cow. The band loves pop songs and bizarre arrangements. They work on contrasts and deconstructionism. Their sound is a mix of folktronic, noise, acid folk and a pinch of soundtrackish melodies. For people who love Fiery Furnaces, Stereolab and Califone.
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New album out on White Birch for Werner, called OIL TRIES TO BE WATER. Werner is a trio (guitar, voice, cello and piano) that’s dedicated itself to produce a strange kind of of acoustic rock where heart to heart songwriting is mixed with and sometimes overlaps classical accents and an evocaive and cinematic sound. Werner doesn’t follow the trend. Werner writes minimalistic songs and mix them within simple structures between humble waltzes, acoustic ballads and some pop-ish digression.

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