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Matmos – The Ganzfeld EP

Drawing influences from science and strategic tests, electronic duo Matmos have created an EP as a predecessor to their ensuing LP, out later this year as well. The Ganzfeld EP deploys three carefully crafted songs and marks an opportunity where the experimental duo can revel in heady moments. Closing with “Just Waves,” the duo circles their ideas … [Read more...]

FAO#35: Chris Brokaw & AC Newman

Better together or alone?  For some prolific artists who have spread their careers across multiple bands, side-projects and solo ventures it’s a question than can be asked repeatedly.  Teamwork can be essential for dynamic musical forging as shown through the catalytic reactions inherent in collaboration.  Yet single-minded solo visions can also … [Read more...]

Debut Album from Two Star on Honest Empire Records

Lake Villa, IL-based Two Star's debut album, "Lover, Our Lips Have Left Us" is the unique story of a lifetime of observation, experimentation, interaction, and pretension. It picks up where the earlier work of artists such as Bright Eyes, Cursive, and Thursday left off, but includes elements that more closely resemble bands such as Death Cab For … [Read more...]

Garbage – Not Your Kind Of People

Shirley Manson and the guys (Well, the illustrious Butch Vig, and Duke Erikson and Steve Marker) have rebooted after a 7-year break with Not Your Kind Of People. Released in May on their own record label STUNVOLUME, it plays like ‘Garbage Version 3.0’ with songs that recall, but still hold their own against, the band’s self-titled debut and … [Read more...]

Blood Red Shoes – “In Time To Voices” video

Laura-Mary and Steven have never taken the video art form by storm, typically releasing decent stage performance-oriented videos.  In a rare flight of imaginative fancy, however, and perhaps due to their collaboration with video director Craig Murray, their latest video spins a ‘fight night’ narrative that depicts an initially zoned-out Laura-Mary … [Read more...]

EP from Amber Spyglass out now

Amber Spyglass - New EP, "Breathing in Essence" AMBER SPYGLASS (Boston MA) released their 3rd cd Breathing in Essence on their own Decorative Records on 9/17/2012. Amber Spyglass is the collaboration of Kelly Spyglass (vox, gtrs) and John DeGregorio (gtrs, programming). Starting in the early 2000's as a dark alternative band w/ gothic, … [Read more...]

Blood Red Shoes – In TIme To Voices

Brighton, England-based Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell refine their indie rock sound yet again on third album In Time To Voices, which was made available in the U.S. this past July.  They also diversify their style to include acoustic guitar ballads and a ‘kick out the jams’ punk number.  The end result, while tuneful and solid, is not as … [Read more...]

Albums from Italian bands Walking the Cow and Werner

Walking the Cow Debut album out, (called Monsters are easy to draw) for the italian alt folkers Walking the Cow. The band loves pop songs and bizarre arrangements. They work on contrasts and deconstructionism. Their sound is a mix of folktronic, noise, acid folk and a pinch of soundtrackish melodies. For people who love Fiery Furnaces, Stereolab … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 3 Albums

Maribel – Reveries  Splendour  On the second and aptly-titled album from Norway’s dream-rockers Maribel, the band has toned down the rock element in favor of a drawn out, diaphanous atmosphere that pervades every song.  The initial falling-star- film-noir-reverb-guitar, soporific splendor turns into … [Read more...]

New Album from Ken Stringfellow

KEN STRINGFELLOW (THE POSIES, BIG STAR, REM) ANNOUNCES NEW ALBUM DANZIG IN THE MOONLIGHT Ken Stringfellow - musician, songwriter, producer, arranger - has been part of the indie landscape since the debut of his acclaimed band The Posies in 1988. In addition to his … [Read more...]