Oathbreaker Tour Dates and new Album

New Album Maelstrom Available Now from Deathwish Inc.

“…thick, bludgeoning, and metallic, but the co-ed outfit dodges expectation and cliché by adding an underlayer of twisted eeriness and high-tension rhythm. “- AV Club

To outsiders, Belgium is a country rich in cultural diversity and history. However to its residents it is also a country of crime, corruption, and political incompetence. For the Ghent based Oathbreaker, the festering blood that surfaces from these social cracks and fissures burns as fuel for their creative engine. Oathbreaker formed in early 2008 and released a debut 7″EP on the British label Thirty Days Of Night Records. The release was well received by many worldwide and propelled the band to tour Europe. There they shared stages with Entombed, Amen Ra (whom they share a member with), Blacklisted, Trap Them, and more. There they honed their craft, developing into one of the most interesting metallic bands out there today. The band’s Deathwish debut, Maelstrom, was recorded in Belgium by Michael Neyt and Lander Cluyse, mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge), and mastered by Alan Douches (Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan), “Mælstrøm” is a swirling mix of Metal, Punk, and Hardcore destruction.

Similarities in Oathbreaker’s ferocity to bands like Cursed, Rise And Fall, and From Ashes Rise are apparent, but merely a flash point for them. Opener “Origin” strikes hard of the gate, crashing down with swirling guitars, thunderous drumming, and vicious vocal stylings. From there, Oathbreaker push the limits of brutal with “Hierophant”, a crushing mid paced masterpiece infected with a “Wolverine Blues” spirit. While songs “Thoth” and “Glimpse Of The Unseen” carry a Doom Metal like candor that would even make Tom G. Warrior proud. Song after song, the chaos ensues within the Oathbreaker vortex as they explore all shades of heavy. Then, as suddenly as their rage appeared on the horizon, it recedes to reveal the album’s mesmerizing title track “Mælstrøm”. A dark acoustic passage that shows Oathbreaker’s ability to not only unleash a fury, but control the musical super storm within.


10/21: Bristol, UK @ The Fleece w/ Rolo Tomassi, Goodtime Boys
Brighton, UK @ The Haunt w/ Rolo Tomassi, Goodtime Boys
Nottingham, UK @ Rescue Rooms w/ Rolo Tomassi, Goodtime Boys
Birmingham, UK @ Rainbow w/ Rolo Tomassi, Goodtime Boys
Leeds, UK @ Cockpit w/ Rolo Tomassi, Goodtime Boys
Middlesbrough, UK @ Sumo w/ Rolo Tomassi, Goodtime Boys
Manchester, UK @ Deaf Institute w/ Rolo Tomassi, Goodtime Boys
Glasgow, Scotland @ King Tut’s w/ Rolo Tomassi, Goodtime Boys
Milton Keynes, UK @ Crauford Arms w/ Rolo Tomassi, Goodtime Boys
Norwich, UK @ Arts Centre w/ Rolo Tomassi, Goodtime Boys
10/31: London, UK @ Xoyo w/ Rolo Tomassi, Goodtime Boys