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New Music Spotlight #1

Phoebe Jean and The Air Force – Heartbreakers Phoebe Jean’s album dropped in June on French imprint Lentonia Records and its standout track is the hella catchy “Day is Gone”.  It’s a mix of snappy ‘n’ clappy rhythms, cymbal tap, a sprinkling of brighter electronic notes, and Phoebe laying down her short-phrase, spoken vocals with a … [Read more...]

Efterklang – Piramida

Yearning for greener pastures, well, maybe more white-ish gray pastures, Danish trio, Efterklang confronts their own limitations on their newest record, Piramida. They confronted their limitations by enlisting the skillful qualities that artists and human beings have of reaching deeply into themselves and acquiring unique ideas and adventurous … [Read more...]

Oathbreaker Tour Dates and new Album

OATHBREAKER U.S. TOUR New Album Maelstrom Available Now from Deathwish Inc. "...thick, bludgeoning, and metallic, but the co-ed outfit dodges expectation and cliché by adding an underlayer of twisted eeriness and high-tension rhythm. "- AV Club To outsiders, Belgium is a country rich in cultural diversity and history. However to its residents … [Read more...]

Q&A with Birds & Batteries

  Hey there, Mike! It’s so great to connect with you over your band’s recent 4th studio album, Stray Light, which is out on Eightmaps. It’s an engaging album of tuneful, synth-leaning pop that shines a light on your sweet ‘n’ elastic vocals and cogent lyrics. Can you go into who is in the band these days? Thank you so much! Likewise. … [Read more...]

Hardcore band Living Eyes release 12″ Album

Living Eyes "Who Will Remain?" 12"LP Coming Soon A crude time capsule of 2012 U.S. Hardcore played with pulverizing earnest intensity. Living Eyes follow up their last year's "Starve for Agony" 7" EP with an eleven song raging beast: "Who Will Remain?". Straight and to the point … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#28 (The Sea And Cake’s Sam Prekop on Ralf And Florian)

The Sea And Cake’s Sam Prekop on… Kraftwerk’s Ralf And Florian (Philips/Vertigo, 1973) I'm not sure when would have been the first time I heard this record; I suspect mid-nineties, when The Sea And Cake were becoming a band.  I'm quite sure that it was John McEntire who illuminated Kraftwerk for me beyond Computer World - which I had been … [Read more...]

Indian Handcrafts release Album in October

Indian Handcrafts premiere first song from forthcoming album Everything about Canadian power-duo Indian Handcrafts seems to defy possibilities: a two piece that's louder than a hundred bands, kicking out one of the year's most riff-rollicking albums that was recorded while the … [Read more...]

New Album from Imani Coppola in November

BAND CAMP PRE-RELEASE OF THE GLASS WALL from IMANI COPPOLA  – ITUNES RELEASE NOV 5 Imani returns this summer with GLASS WALL a solo record co-produced with Josh Valleau. It was pre-released by Band Camp on July 31st and officially released by Plush Moon on November 5th complete with shows and general hoopla. Say hello to “Glass … [Read more...]

David Byrne and St. Vincent – Love this Giant

Back when Talking Heads were taking the world by storm, David Byrne and co. ensured that their music was taken as a whole: respective albums that one could embrace and fall in love with. A few twenty years later, St. Vincent’s Annie Clark shares in the same joy and was famously dubbed an art rock musician, just like Byrne always was and is. … [Read more...]

EP from Michna Out Now

NYC-Based Producer Michna Returns with Magic Mountains EP The Moving Mountains EP is the first new material the world has heard from New York producer Michna in nearly four years, since the release of his highly-acclaimed debut album Magic Monday in 2008. It's been quite a while … [Read more...]