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The Antlers – Undersea EP

During their subtle and gradual drive to esteemed territory, The Antlers travelled through darkly ominous territory of their own. Leadman Peter Silberman created lyrics and themes on Hospice and Burst Apart that conveyed both feelings of disconnect and out of touch love; losing the aching tenderness and moving past it all resulted in a resounding … [Read more...]

New Album from Permanent Collection out now

Permanent Collection's Newly Wed Nearly Dead LP Out now on Loglady Originally beginning as the post-Young Prisms solo project of Jason Hendardy in 2011, San Francisco's Permanent Collection sees candy coated pop structures swathed in hazy guitars on the release of their new album … [Read more...]

Interview with Thomas Jane

Thomas Jane, the talented and versatile actor who is best known for his starring roles in the 2004 film The Punisher and in HBO’s Hung, has also won critical acclaim for his embodiment of Mickey Mantle in the Billy Crystal-directed 61* and his portrayal of Andre Stander in the indie film Stander.  Tom’s involvement in the entertainment industry … [Read more...]

Rainer Maria members on Chris McFarland’s new EP

Chris McFarland releases a new EP in August with Rainer Maria members as backing band Since his first release in the late 90’s, Austin by way of Brooklyn-based songwriter Chris McFarland and his “angry folk” style has been a constant force that has … [Read more...]

Kestrels – A Ghost History

Versed in an extensive musical vocabulary, Halifax, Nova Scotia’s, Kestrels speaks in words, rhythms and rhymes coherent with vivid imagery and a keen sense of fluency. Gathering from various sources such as Radio Dept.-esque shoegaze with a more raw, pungent and vintage sonic approach, Kestrels obviously understands the importance of staying … [Read more...]

Grouplove – “Tongue Tied”

You've all heard it, either on the apple commercial or on the radio. You may have even found yourself singing the chorus when you're home alone. It's that catchy. Grouplove, an indie band from LA, released their album Never Trust a Happy Song in September, and "Tongue Tied" became a number one hit on the Billboard Alternative Songs Chart. It has … [Read more...]

Dressy Bessy’s ‘Summer Singles’ continues…

Dressy Bessy releases second edition of its “Summer Singles” series, “Something To Love.” Denver-based band to donate all proceeds to Colorado Wildfire Relief organizations. [MP3]: As promised, Denver-based indie rock band Dressy Bessy is back with the second installment of … [Read more...]

Baroness – Yellow & Green

The remnants of metal music are still trying to find a clear way out. For many bands, metal finds them pigeon-holed and devoid of constructive progress. For Georgia-based Baroness, metal has been an exploration of vivid highs and stirring convictions. Through their first set of EPs and most recently with Red Album and Blue Record, they’ve fashioned … [Read more...]

Q&A with Shishi

Is Tom Lugo one of the busiest men in Philadelphia's indie world? What with fronting Stellarscope, other projects on his own Panophonic label and now the Electro Pop duo Shishi, alongside organising festivals in the US and elsewhere plus running his martial arts school, you might think he would barely have time to draw breath of an evening but he … [Read more...]

New Single and Video from The Smittens

Burning Streets Of Rome - video and free mp3 from The Smittens "Burning Streets Of Rome" is the lead single from The Smittens’ new album, Believe Me, on Fika Recordings. The single was released digitally on the 25th of June 2012.  "Burning Streets Of Rome" is all set to be a gay indiepop disco floor-filler. It is a delicious blend of the best of … [Read more...]