New Single and Video from The Smittens

Burning Streets Of Rome – video and free mp3 from The Smittens

“Burning Streets Of Rome” is the lead single from The Smittens’ new album, Believe Me, on Fika Recordings. The single was released digitally on the 25th of June 2012.  “Burning Streets Of Rome” is all set to be a gay indiepop disco floor-filler. It is a delicious blend of the best of The Magnetic Fields’ synth-pop songs, were they fronted by the ever hunky Calvin Johnson, back sometimes in the early 80s…

“Burning Streets Of Rome” is available as a free mp3 download from

The video was produced by Ben Hughes, who is based in San Francisco, CA.  “The first time I heard “Burning Streets of Rome,” it immediately made me think of the romance of travel, of losing yourself in a foreign place and making unexpected connections. We couldn’t travel ourselves to make it, of course, but I’ve always loved the way that Google Earth represents the world, simultaneously hazy and precise. So we shot it there, in virtual Rome, which in reality consisted of me sitting for days in front of the computer, hunting for pretty shots, evocative street scenes and those gauzy, stuttering transitions it does so well. To my knowledge, it’s the first music video ever created with Google Earth.

The performance bits were shot using Skype. The band and I never met face to face and even they were spread out, with Max in NYC and the rest in Vermont. It’s interesting to think that we made a music video about travel where nobody had to travel at all. Very 2012.” Ben

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“Burning Streets Of Rome” is available from iTunes, eMusic, Spotify and other online music retailers, as well as from the Fika Recordings shop at