Jasmine Ash – “Starlight” video

“Starlight” is a super-duper tuneful number with a delightfully eye-catching video to match.  This twinkling pop song has a little bit of everything to keep the casual listener interested – a brisk, toe-tapping beat, Jasmine Ash’s sweet ‘n’ light vocals, bright, sprightly, sing-along refrains, a whistling interlude (now-required in any self-respecting pop song since “Young Folks” by Peter Bjorn and John dropped), and slower paced, swaying choral sections.

It’s par for the course for many a pop song to contain superficial lyrics, but “Starlight” appears to dig slightly deeper by reflecting upon the ephemeral nature of love (“So you try to love…but does it matter?”) and the desire to just exist in the moment (“Let me be your star.”) before it disappears.  Jasmine’s sweet, playful vocal delivery belies the seriousness of the lyrics and her soft enunciation also makes it difficult to hear some of her words clearly. 

But no matter – there’s fun to be had in both the aural and visual form of “Starlight”.  Jasmine’s upbeat and perky demeanor fits perfectly with the Tripp and Jenna Watt-directed video.  Jasmine is featured in mixed media montages where she sings and dances amid a blend computer animated graphics and created-by-hand designs that become active via stop motion photography.

“Starlight” opens with piano notes plinking like impertinent raindrops on a windowpane, and Jasmine’s vocals mirror this catchy refrain, hooking the listener from the get-go.  A jaunty beat moves the song along as Jasmine frolics with flamingos, twirls among the tulips, croons to caterpillars and butterflies, and shimmies in the shimmering starlight.

Official Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMaL7_ZlLPs

Jasmine Ash’s album Beneath The Noise is available now.  Jasmine also fronts the indie rock band Oh Darling and is collaborating on various projects with other artists.  Find out more at Jasmine’s Official Site: http://jasmineash.com/