EP from ShadowBox out in late July

Brooklyn’s ShadowBox Announces Haunted By Colors EP, Out July 24th on Pictures Music


“When I was 13 I used to record singing my own words over R&B instrumental tapes or whatever I could get my hands on. Later I got my hands on a right handed acoustic guitar even though I was lefty. So I turned it upside down and taught myself how to play it so I can sing over it.” Now Bonnie Baxter is a vocalist, instrumentalist, & producer… ShadowBox. Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY she draws inspiration from sound sculptures of the 60’s (Daphne Oram/Delia Derbshyre/Tangerine Dream) as well as futurists philosophies, books about metaphysics, space exploration, and the relationship of technology and nature.

ShadowBox Official Site