Collide – “Bending and Floating” video

KaRIN and Statik have had a long and active career as the DIY electro-industrial dream machine Collide, releasing their latest album Counting To Zero last autumn.  They hit a high point with the single “Bending and Floating” and its accompanying dreamily dystopian video directed by Edward Mavskegg.

The video seems like it comes from a lost broadcast of the TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles which aired on FOX for two seasons and was disappointingly cancelled.  In its 2nd season, Shirley Manson of Garbage played an ice-cold Terminator with an inscrutable agenda.  In “Bending and Floating” KaRIN, intentionally or not, channels Shirley Manson’s look and movements, but infuses the steely magnetism with a warmer aura.

The video takes place in what seems to be the sand-blasted landscape of a South Western U.S. desert, with a pensive Statik (looking a bit like Duke Erikson of Garbage, strangely enough) sitting among interchangeable Terminator-like robots who are salvaging machine parts.

KaRIN (looking like Shirley Manson with her enigmatic gaze), meanwhile, is an eerily calm astronaut plummeting to Earth in a metallic space capsule, zooming through the atmosphere and crash landing near Statik and the Terminators.  They converge on the touchdown zone and KaRIN emerges from her capsule and, surprise!, she’s unharmed and intact, and, ummm…, not quite human…

KaRIN walks over to Statik and begins to sing directly to him while the surrounding Terminators watch in wide-eyed wonderment (maybe because they don’t have any eyelids).  So many tantalizing, unanswered questions are raised by the end of this video.  Is Statik the last human on Earth?  Are they even on Earth?  Is KaRIN the leader of these Terminators or a different type of alien creature?  What are the Terminators trying to construct out of those metal scraps?  It would be wonderful if the mysterious storyline could be continued in a subsequent video.  Maybe John Connor could make an appearance…

The song itself resonates with an entrancing moodiness, striking a crepuscular, ominous note at the start with slowly picked, reverberating guitar, gently heathery wordless vocals from KaRIN, and echoed atmospherics in the backdrop.  Poignantly pulled strings creep in to (bitter)sweeten the deal.  At the halfway mark the guitar hardens to a sharply needling line while the sonics intensify, augmented by a drumbeat as KaRIN unfurls the lyrics “Stay for it…”.  The weighty, measured pace is offset by KaRIN’s airy, but melancholic tone as she expressively elevates to a higher register, reaching the lowering clouds with her flowing, mainly wordless vocals.

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