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Q&A with Second Head

Hey there Emma and Wim – It’s really cool to have the chance to touch base with you both and find out more about your band.  Your latest EP Children of the Revulsion (Love the wordplay!) is out now and it seems to be heading in a more laid-back, thematically cohesive direction than your previous EP Gift Horse and debut album Disease comes in … [Read more...]

Fourth Album from Alice Cohen out now

Alice Cohen Pink Keys LP out now “Cascading Keys”: Pink Keys is the 4th solo album from musician & visual artist Alice Cohen. Using the idea of etheric keyholes as portals, the 11 songs act as keys; unlocking visions of different eras, places and dimensions of consciousness. The album showcases … [Read more...]

Liars – WIXIW

As brief as it may seem, Liars have now relegated a sextet of albums that continue to defy all odds and interestingly enough, continue to defy normal logic. While always maintaining their experimental side with albums that never repeat themselves, Liars have basked in the glory of creating conceptual, cohesive albums where the importance lies in … [Read more...]

Album from Phoebe Jean out now

Phoebe Jean & The Air Force releases new album “Heartbreakers” via Lentonia Records. Baltimore artist catches early attention from Euro press, New York Times. [SOUNDCLOUD]: Baltimore-based hellion Phoebe Jean is a one girl band with an army of sound. Associated early on … [Read more...]

Frank Ocean – channel ORANGE

It’s terribly hard nowadays to try and discuss an album one enjoys without sounding too preachy, too emotionally attached and too, well, in love. I’m not sure if that’s a facet of the times or perhaps, it’s always seemed that way (did everyone get annoyed when every single album by Stevie Wonder was universally loved or was it justly expected?) but … [Read more...]

New Single from Sons Of Fathers

New song from Sons of Fathers titled "Burning Days."  Sons of Fathers' 2nd album 'Big Diamond Waltz' is due in August. They've been compared to Zeus and Dawes (both by Baeble Music) and the Avett Brothers (by AOL Music). Also a little bit of Jack White, which makes sense since the new Sons of Fathers was mixed by Vance Powell, who mixed … [Read more...]

My Tiger My Timing – Celeste

Browsing through a pile of promo EPs and singles around two months ago, and they were each of them a worthwhile listen, one release in particular caught my attention. "The Gold Rush" sounded somehow almost oddly different to the other songs I was inevitably comparing it with. Perhaps it was the contrast between the sparely orchestrated minor key … [Read more...]

EP from ShadowBox out in late July

Brooklyn's ShadowBox Announces Haunted By Colors EP, Out July 24th on Pictures Music "When I was 13 I used to record singing my own words over R&B instrumental tapes or whatever I could get my hands on. Later I got my hands on a right handed acoustic … [Read more...]

Lana Del Rey – “National Anthem” video

Lana Del Rey’s love affair with America, money, and true love (possibly not in that particular order) continues with her song “National Anthem”.  The video, directed by Anthony Mandler, opens with a reenactment of Marilyn Monroe’s breathily sung, celebratory “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” tribute to John F. Kennedy, with Lana onstage in place of … [Read more...]

EP from Adios Amigo out now

San Francisco psych-pop quartet Adios Amigo release new EP Adios Amigo began in the South American capital city of Santiago, Chile. It was here that singer/songwriter/guitarist Johnny Major, during his college year abroad, began writing love songs on an old, beat-up guitar for a Chilean girl whom he would go on to marry. It would be 8 years and … [Read more...]