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The Young – Dub Egg

The Young - Dub Egg

The Young - Dub Egg

Hailing harmoniously from the prestigious musical roots of Austin, Texas, The Young duly impress the masses with their second LP on Matador Records. Recorded in a cabin in the wilderness of Texas, The Young’s Dub Egg album remains fresh and unhinged by the proverbial “hipster” tendencies of trying to be uber-unique and untainted in the vast and endless scene of “up and coming” new music in Austin. “Don’t hustle for Love”, the second track on Dub Egg arrives with a 4/4 over 5/4 rhythm throughout the verses, which holds tendencies of being too busy but The Young gain respect slowly throughout the album because of tracks like this one. It lightheartedly provides airy guitars, subtle vocals, steadfast drums and an obvious awareness for each member of the band being able to showcase personal strengths while no one takes time away from the other. An Uncanny cleverness emerges with a guitar solo backed by a glockenspiel harmony. An effortless endeavor comes through very clean, but uncharacteristically raw at the same time. Please someone explain to me how that is possible? The Young see no issue with supplying their fans with a refreshingly new take on classic indie guitar rock.

Vocalist, Hans Zimmerman has definitely done his homework. Vocally and lyrically there is a twinge of folk/country ballad-type styles on a few tracks such as, “Only Way Out” where a slide guitar is heard slyly in the backdrop playfully supporting the point in the song where it is needed most. Zimmerman’s stoic and melancholy voice comes through with full force on this track as he chants “I’m drunk on old times and love songs, its heavy lifting up my head everyday, my hands are worked down to the bone.” These lyrics show a bit of his metaphorical side while still staying accurate to his bands sound. With the slide guitar distortion in the background these lyrics create an even more powerful energy than expected.

This is a careful album; both lyrically, musically but also in the arrangements. From simple shaker percussion and understated changes in the guitar tones to the ghost notes from the drummer, there is a raw beauty to The Young. They can only get better from here. Dub Egg will be released on Matador Records on June 12th.