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Guided By Voices – Class Clown Spots A UFO

Having quickly rediscovered Robert Pollard’s artistic mojo and democratic credentials through the likeable and inventive Let’s Go Eat The Factory LP earlier this year, the reformed early-‘90s line-up of Guided By Voices returns rapidly to keep the creative camaraderie momentum rolling.  And roll Class Clown Spots A UFO certainly does.  Whereas its … [Read more...]

Second Album from Haroula Rose

So Easy is the second EP from singer-songwriter Haroula Rose, the follow up to her 2011 full-length debut These Open Roads. She recently released her second full-length album, produced with Andy Lemaster (Now It's Overhead, Bright Eyes) and Luke Top (Fool's Gold, Papercuts, Foreign Born) along with Jim White. These tracks were recorded at a variety … [Read more...]

Ryan Monroe – A Painting of a Painting On Fire

Multi-instrumentalist eccentric Ryan Monroe has already garnished plenty of acclaim with his band, Band of Horses; however, he’s yet to venture out as a solo artist. Until now. On his debut release, A Painting of a Painting On Fire (what a great title), he proves to be an impeccably talented and daring musician with a highly enjoyable and unique … [Read more...]

The Mallard – Yes on Blood

On “I Listen to the Lyrics Last,” a song buried deep in the heart of The Mallard’s debut Yes on Blood, the shaky, rundown feel of the jaded guitar paired with grungy production depicts a stuttering ode to garage rock. Taking the bold grains of a jangly guitar and 70s inspired vocals that recall the late Janis Joplin, The Mallard take much of rock’s … [Read more...]

New Song and Video from Old Colours

Old Colours is an Indie-rock band based in Swindon, UK. Formed in 2011, the band consists of: Zoe Mead and Daniel June. Long time friends, the pair have been writing music together for several years, developing their unique writing style, incorporating cinematic, soundtrack-style compositions and blending it with contemporary, radio-friendly … [Read more...]

Landing – Landing

Landing albums have always been beauties regardless of volume, but they've usually been typecast as music for sleep or rest, operating well at lower volumes. Not so with their first album of new music in 6 years, the self-titled Landing. The louder you play it, the better it gets. The personnel for this album is Aaron Snow, Adrienne Snow, and … [Read more...]

Antibalas to release Afrobeat album in August

Antibalas To Release 1st Album In 5 Years On Daptone Aug 7 Eponymous LP Is First Release Since FELA! Musical Collaboration Born in a Brooklyn warehouse in 1997, 12-piece ensemble Antibalas is credited with introducing Afrobeat to a wider global audience, influencing countless musicians and developing a live show that is the stuff of legend. … [Read more...]

Here We Go Magic – A Different Ship

The wondrous aspect about music, including the artists and bands that create it, is that those imagined sounds don’t necessarily need to be reproduced. For years, people complained that Radiohead would never make another The Bends; then for years, everyone whined Radiohead would never make another Kid A; and most recently, it’s about everyone … [Read more...]

Empires – Garage Hymns

'You can have your party / in your mama's garage' sings Sean Van Vleet on the opening line of first track "Steal Your Heart Away" and with this party soundtrack including "Bowie in the background / crying over girls" we are to understand that an evening spent with Empires is a retro-cool experience of quality 70s and 80s New Wave classics, and … [Read more...]

New EP from Control out now

CONTROL is a 3-piece angular, math-y rock band from Madison, WI. Their songs are mostly instrumental with occasional chant-like vocals, and they've been compared to bands like White Denim, Minutemen, Massacre and Fugazi. Their new EP, Schulte, A, is the second entry in a 3-part art/music project we are doing with them. Each EP is released … [Read more...]