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Giant Giant Sand – Tucson

Perhaps being conscious that his own bounteous back catalogue has somewhat overshadowed his more recent repertoire – due to the lustrous ongoing reissue programme from Fire Records – Howe Gelb seems to have deliberately upped the ante for this newly-cut collection with the double-sized Giant Giant Sand.  Not content with merely enlarging his … [Read more...]

Converge and Napalm Death release Split 7″

 CONVERGE and NAPALM DEATH Split 7"EP/Digital Out Now Self released by Converge and Napalm Death, exclusively Distributed by Deathwish Direct. Legendary bands Converge and Napalm Death have come together for a split release, bridging the worlds of personal and politically driven extreme music. Recorded as part of their new album sessions, … [Read more...]

Scuba – Personality

While maintaining a steady flow of continuous work, Scuba’s Paul Rose has seemingly incorporated many projects under his commanding arm. A product of the UK, Rose is now based in Berlin where he continues to traverse down a linear path of growing projects. With every new argument about what dubstep is or isn’t, Rose has released albums to … [Read more...]

San Francisco Music Club – Love and Freedom

It’s not often that an album’s title represents its music as specifically and accurately as San Francisco Music Club’s debut, Love and Freedom. Incorporating a wide array of styles, including rock, reggae, funk, R&B, and Afro-Cuban into a sound that erupts with vibrancy, skill, and joy, it’s an engaging and fun way to spend an hour celebrating … [Read more...]

New EP from PAWS out now

PAWS ANNOUNCE 'MISLED YOUTH' EP out now DOWNLOAD THE TITLE TRACK HERE PAWS bash out infectious, lo-fi, garage pop-rock that can quickly shift from cute melancholia to an unnerving territorial roar. On top of the pulsating fuzzy noise the 3 piece produce, sit dreamy melodies that bare the bones of their author. Lyrical topics slide between … [Read more...]

Soulsavers – The Light the Dead See

If any longtime Erasure or Depeche Mode fans were perplexed by this year’s collaboration between Vince Clark and Martin Gore (VCMG), they’re not likely to have many questions answered by the latest release from Soulsavers, which finds the beautifully tortured Dave Gahan assuming lead vocal duties.  Depeche Mode was - and perhaps, still is - the #1 … [Read more...]

Second Album from Air Traffic Controller

Download: Air Traffic Controller "Blame" (MP3) Watch: Air Traffic Controller Nordo Album Trailer (via YouTube) On June 26 Boston’s Air Traffic Controller released their sophomore album, Nordo on Sugarpop Records. Air Traffic Controller is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Dave Munro who spent time in the U.S. Navy serving as a real-life air … [Read more...]

Q&A with DL Byron

A previously posted part of this Interview contained statements made by DL Byron about Billy Joel which are completely untrue.  The artist who was being referenced was Billy Joe Royal, NOT Billy Joel. We regret the error. Hi DL!  It’s great to have this opportunity to be in contact with you and see what you’ve got going on in the musical sphere … [Read more...]

New EP from Kone on AlphaPup Records

KONE "LEGEND DAYS - EP" (Alpha Pup) Listen to the lead single "In the Wind" on SoundCloud: "Legend Days will soon be over. Humanity is coming. No more Legend Days." Kone follows closely on the heels of his well-received debut album The Tractatus with this EP, titled Legend Days. It is a … [Read more...]


Staying the course, Berkeley, California's POP ETC stays true to their name by showing their true synth pop colors on their new self-titled album, which was released on June 12th on Rough Trade Records. Bright and playful melodies dapple the canvas as they demonstrate their flare on popular electronica. This trio is made up of members of former … [Read more...]