Patrick Watson – Adventures In Your Own Backyard

Patrick Watson - Adventures In Your Own Backyard

Canadian singer-songwriter Patrick Watson released what is surely the best album (so far) of 2012, Adventures In Your Own Backyard. Soul crooner meets Jeff Buckley, Watsons’ music is a backdrop to the grainy road footage of our mind.

Adventures In Your Own Backyard is his fourth album, released on April 16th through Secret City/Domino Records. The 13 songs off the record create a tense and powerful listening experience.

At times, there are sounds of horror and suspense, specifically on track 8, “The Things You Do”. At certain points throughout the record the band gives us some truly heart wrenching  moments. With the opening track “Lighthouse”, Watson delivers a slow, cool, and quiet vocal delivery.

Backed with cascading piano, the track explodes as horns come into play, creating an atmosphere straight out of a Western love story. “Just be the words that you sing to yourself in your head when nobody’s around…”, a line from track four, “Quiet Crowd”, entices along with a punchy, carousel of melodies that surround the listener. With a breath of Country via lap steel, “Morning Sheets” is track six. Watson sings with a low, Thom Yorke cadence.

“Don’t worry about it now, ’cause in the morning you will all just be ashes on the ground”. With track seven, “Words In The Fire”, we hear a sweet story of desire and comfort.

As for the remaining seven tracks off of Adventures In Your Own Backyard, each is its own entity spanning a wide range of human emotion. Watson has put out a record that gathers with it an inner peac,e as well as an answer to those who struggle with their inner demons. Beautiful and sparse at times, Adventures… is ghostly. Poppy, folkish, and uplifting, this record is a 52 minute journey unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed.

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