Debut Album from Mornin’ Old Sport in July

Mornin’ Old Sport Announce Debut LP for July 10th Release on Misery Loves Co.


During the Summer of 2011, Mornin’ Old Sport — consisting of Berklee College of Music alumns Kate Smeal (vocals, strings), Scott Nanos (guitar, bass, keys, strings), and Jeff Price (drums, production engineering) — signed to a label, bought a grease bus, packed their bags and drove to Colorado to record their first full length album for Misery Loves Co Records.

It was only two years prior to that when they started the band in a Boston, MA basement that they ultimately transformed into a makeshift studio. Their name, deriving from the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic The Great Gatsby, is just one example of their true devotion to Americana. With influences like Gene Autry, The Ink Spots, Doris Day and Hank Williams, their music oozes with vintage verses that render audiences with a taste of American-music history. At the same time though, it’s classic music through the prism of a younger generation. With the band members in their early 20’s, there’s an undeniable DIY ethos that permeates their forthcoming debut album Mornin’ Old Sport, set to be released on July 10th 2012 on Misery Loves Co., and it truly sets them apart from the pack.

In 2011, Mornin’ Old Sport released their second EP entitled Your Grandparents Will Jam To These Tracks, which was described as “beautiful [and] vaudvillian” by the Boston Globe. It consisted of a ukelele-composed jazz standard, as well as hints of old-time country that ultimately pointed to the the direction of the new album.