The Ropes – “Lack of Technology Made Me a Killer”

The Ropes - "Lack of Technology Made Me a Killer"

Sharon Shy and Toppy (AKA The Ropes) have returned with recent EP titled Lack of Technology Made Me a Killer and the lead-off track bears the same attention-grabbing name.  The single follows a path that Sharon Shy and Toppy have previously tread; that of the distanced, moody, but melodic pop voyage towards a land of disenchantment and desire.  Sharon’s vocals are dispatched with dispassionate breathiness, drawing the listener in by the perverse attraction of her remote vocals.

The slow-strangled pulse of a dance beat lingers in the air as shimmering, but depressive, synths shine though the pervading Interpol-like unease. Electronic notes buzz in the backdrop as Sharon gradually lowers her vocals from an impassively airy tone to a repressed, mid-range register.  She takes on the role of a judge in this song (whether in the legal sense or just in her mind is unclear), condemning the guilty as she intones “…it’s enough to convict / in this just dictatorship / The only one this world has ever known.”  On the chorus angular guitar lines brightly break through the haze, ringing out in a muted, sustained motif as cymbals crash, drums clash, and Sharon androgynously and robotically repeats the song title.

The murky, coarse grained video for “Lack of Technology Made Me a Killer” unreels like a film, but starts at “The End” and rewinds through time, with Sharon and Toppy seated facing each other, spouting esoteric, subtitled dialogue.  The video possibly references Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal and its game of chess, except here it’s played with knives.

Official Video at YouTube: