Pope releases new album “Pope On a Rope”

Coming to you via tussles with the offices of Yoko Ono (see below), May 7th sees the release of a new 9-track album by London producer Simon Somatic. In stark contrast to the screeching distortion of earlier work, Pope On A Rope sounds crisp and clear. A haunted candy-store of clockwork songcraft, the record leavens the cheap parody noises of MIDI with organic sounds, and encases them in a diamond-hard mix.

The results evoke Syd Barrett and Frank Zappa in separate creative meetings with Aphex Twin. The vocals call to mind a more assertive Elliott Smith, with the lyrics plaintive and sarcastic by turns. Topics include the try-hard machismo of beer-swilling jocks, urban despondency, and the admiration of trendy furniture.

Key among the tracks is a ransacking of John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Framed as warped 80’s disco, this version adds lyrics that question the value of lazy people imagining a better world and doing nothing to bring it about. Needless to say, the track was blocked by the song’s owners, and although a different version was prepared for the album you can listen to the original here, along with two other tracks:


Other tracks include “Dummy’s Boy”, a blast of playful aggression with Nintendo bloops and rock drums as programmed by Squarepusher. The closing “Room 4” on the other hand is a guileless admission set to gentle guitar chords, with leads reminiscent of early Smiths. Find out how to get your copy here: