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Second Album out from The Explorers Club

THE EXPLORERS CLUB RELEASE SOPHMORE ALBUM “GRAND HOTEL” ARTIST: The Explorers Club ALBUM TITLE: Grand Hotel LABEL: Rock Ridge Music The Explorers Club, is proud to announce the release of their sophomore set, “Grand Hotel”. Mark Linett, who mixed The Beach Boys’ “SMiLE” … [Read more...]

The Men – Open Your Heart

Appropriately classifying a band as one filled with energy is a surely cliché feeling nowadays. Truth is energy is a requirement to sustain any kind of feverish following, let alone to succeed as a band. For Brooklyn’s The Men, the raw and visceral rock they create flows from their immense energy and fortunately, it appears to be an endless supply. … [Read more...]

Oblivious Signal – “Inflicted Shame” video

As more women struggle with stalkers, both online and in real life, Inflicted Shame depicts the feelings a victim experiences and the humiliation that the hunted feels. While she faces persecution and he is free, she waits for the day that she is no longer prey. In Oblivious Signal’s "Inflicted Shame" video the stalked gets to act out her desire … [Read more...]

Daniel Rossen – Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP

Throughout their career, Grizzly Bear has always ensured a sound that is both aesthetically ominous and darkly atmospheric. In many ways, their Yellow House album was as much about the spectrum of sound they explored, as it was about honest, sincere songwriting. Before and after that album it’s always been a superb spectral sound behind their … [Read more...]

New Single from The Boxing Lesson

The Boxing Lesson Release 2nd 2012 Track "Better Daze" 2012 marks the 10 year anniversary of The Boxing Lesson, a psychedelic progressive rock band started by one Paul Waclawsky in Los Angeles, a band that has been exploring the landscape of it's genre giving it's listeners and critics one wild … [Read more...]

Duke Garwood / Wooden Wand – split LP

Whilst split-singles have been an on/off quick-fix staple for independent labels over the years - to showcase artists in tandem or to celebrate musical kinship - split-albums are a less frequent proposition.  This is perhaps due to the dominance of CDs across the last two decades, given that a vinyl LP side apiece lends itself better to a … [Read more...]

New 2-CD set from Michael Gira’s Swans

Young God Records has announced the release of a new live Swans album We Rose From Your Bed With The Sun In Our Head, a 2 CD set. We Rose From Your Bed With The Sun In Our Head is Handmade and Assembled With 2 Color Woodblock Print Sleeve of Original Drawing by M.Gira. Each One Uniquely Signed and Numbered and Further Personalized by … [Read more...]

Screen Vinyl Image – Strange Behavior

Virginia-based husband and wife duo Jake and Kim Reid, alumni of Shoegazer/New Wave band Alcian Blue, released their debut Interceptors in 2009 and are back with this second album on Custom Made Music.  It’s quite fitting that they share a last name with the Reid brothers of Jesus And Mary Chain because the tunes on Strange Behavior are shot … [Read more...]

Revilers – s/t

The un-wavering hardcore punk tradition is rooted in DIY principles and a rigid anti-establishment mentality. Boston natives Revilers is no exception to this following. Their self-titled debut album shows fierce and energetic traits right off the bat as the first and second tracks, "No Bullshit Reactor" and "Revision" blare driving but … [Read more...]

Split 12″ from Xiu Xiu and Chad Vangaalen

CHAD VANGAALEN (Calgary, CAN) & XIU XIU (New York, US) recently released a Split 12' as Part II of "The Green Corridor" - Split Series via Altin Village & Mine Records Two long years after the release of the first out of four "Green Corridor" Vinyl 12"s on Altin Village & Mine Records, the second part brings together two undoubted … [Read more...]