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Gallon Drunk – The Road Gets Darker From Here

Even with Gallon Drunk’s fledgling flush of notoriety and hipness in the early-'90s – that included high profile touring with Morrissey and PJ Harvey alongside a Mercury Music Prize nomination - James Johnston and co. have always been outsiders looking in on artistically likeminded but commercially shrewder others. During the … [Read more...]

New Album from World Blanket

Songs loosely based on philosophies of psychedelic drug guru Terence McKenna released earlier this month. Mike Pomranz is a writer for the “Tosh.0” program on Comedy Central where he earned the credit for turning Rebecca Black’s “Friday” into a … [Read more...]

Moonface – With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery

Although we live during a drastically different time for music to flourish, it should be duly noted that the best musicians continue to make music as a purely expressive extension of their art. Often, we forget that the best bands and artists are creating their craft and delivering it for all of us to enjoy; so naturally, as any good artists does, … [Read more...]

New Album from Emily Jane White in May

Gothic-Folk Songstress Emily Jane White Readies Ode To Sentience for May 22nd Release Date on Antenna Farm Records First Single "Black Silk" Available Now as Free Download There’s a rare confidence to Emily Jane White’s songwriting: it’s at once generous and tough-minded, reflective … [Read more...]

Sam Moss – Neighbors EP

When I reviewed guitarist Sam Moss’s Eight Constructions for Delusions of Adequacy a little more than a year ago, I made a point to address his keen application of restraint to what could have otherwise been a piece of gratuitous showmanship.  When virtuosity becomes a heedless exercise, what was once a spellbinding demonstration of unthinkable … [Read more...]

Album from CHLLNGR out now

CHLLNGR released Datter The Copenhagen-based producer returns with his latest collection of spare, dub-imprinted bass explorations. On his upcoming Datter EP, the Denmark (by way of Sacramento) producer CHLLNGR further explores the more cerebral, haunted pockets of "bass music" further honing in on … [Read more...]

NHK’ Koyxen – Dance Classics Vol. 1

Osaka, Japan-born producer and techno fiend, Kouhei Matsunaga, purely expresses his desire for pushing musical and sound boundaries on his album, Dance Classics Vol. 1. Without word or written verse Matsunaga, (or his preferred musical stage name, NHK or NHK’ Koyxen) analyzes and experiments with electronic programming and challenges himself with … [Read more...]

Pope releases new album “Pope On a Rope”

Coming to you via tussles with the offices of Yoko Ono (see below), May 7th sees the release of a new 9-track album by London producer Simon Somatic. In stark contrast to the screeching distortion of earlier work, Pope On A Rope sounds crisp and clear. A haunted candy-store of clockwork songcraft, the record leavens the cheap parody noises of MIDI … [Read more...]

Holobody – Riverhood

I have to confess that on the first few listens of this extremely good record, I was worried about falling for a Christian Rock artist. You might’ve had the experience I’m thinking of, where you listen to a song on the radio for a few seconds, start to grove with it, and then the chorus hits you with something like “And I give all glory to Him” or … [Read more...]

The Twilight Sad – “Another Bed” video

This rather macabre video stars musician Stuart Warwick and was directed by Craig Murray.  Stuart takes on the role of a clerk in a video store (Remember what that is?) as the viewer follows him during his mundane daily grind and his disturbing after-hours activities, while laying bare the anomie at the heart of this solitary character.  In a store … [Read more...]