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Crushed Stars – In the Bright Rain

When it comes to dream pop, it’s difficult not to succumb to the genre’s inherent charm.  Sure, the general murkiness will often leave you feeling anesthetized, but who wouldn’t be at least slightly assuaged by undulating guitar arpeggios and gauzy vocal melodies soaked in cathedral levels of reverb?  Haphazard metal and hackneyed punk are easy to … [Read more...]

One Hundred Flowers – Mechanical Bride

Lead Singer Harrison Speck’s stoic voice intertwined with shimmering piano undertones and vintage guitar distortion carefully placates the listening appetite on One Hundred Flower’s full-length album, Mechanical Bride. The Austin, Texas quintet manages to be honest not only lyrically but also musically while balancing tasteful backing female … [Read more...]

April & May Tour Dates for Deafheaven

After their successful SXSW shows last week, Deafheaven topped NPR,  Vulture and Esquire's Best of SXSW lists, with Esquire saying their  music "heaves and builds and pummels majestically, and then singer  George Clarke lurches defensively and shrieks angrily like a mother hawk  protecting her young. Brutal and bracing, with a shoegazing … [Read more...]

Mike Armine – Verse & Cleansing Undertones of Wake / Lift

As frontman for Philadelphia Post-Metal act Rosetta, Mike Armine plaintively growls, sings and manipulates sound over music that sounds like Neurosis in Mono Exploding in the Sky. The band has even covered the Cure song "Homesick". Given this knowledge, one would never believe the Ambient, Drone and Noise themes of this solo album, which is … [Read more...]

Valtari – Fragments of a Nightmare

Valtari is a one man Melodic Death Metal band, by way of Australia.  Headed by Marty Warren,  Fragments of a Nightmare is his first full length, self-released offering.  Melodic Death is usually reserved for the masters from Sweden, so it should be interesting to see what we have in store. Right out of the gate the direct influence from Dark … [Read more...]

Free mp3 from We Are The Woods

Free MP3 for “Ballet Shoes” The "Ballet Shoes" dance track to the max that was subsequently produced by resident woodsman, Rex Gibson. While it doesn't reflect The bands usual style, it was an absolute blast to record and continues to be amazing addition to every dance party (even when its a party of one in … [Read more...]

New Album from rock stalwarts Chrome Cranks

Since the 2009 reactivation of the classic 1990s lineup of the Chrome Cranks fans have been grinding their teeth for a new album of the influential New York band's volatile, high-octane blasts. In these chokingly bleak, post-ironic times there simply aren't any other acts out there like the Cranks, who play unapologetically confrontational, utterly … [Read more...]

Florence And The Machine – Ceremonials

The always stirring Florence Welch is at it again on Ceremonials, blurring the line between the earthly and the spiritual with her restless rave-ups and pained, emotive vocals that seek release in song.  What was fresh on her debut Lungs becomes formula (but the very best kind…) here as Florence cements her status as a tortured, but (over)zealous … [Read more...]

Mirrorring – Foreign Body

When I heard The Sight Below's harrowing cover of Joy Division's "New Dawn Fades" featuring the vocals of Jesy Fortino (Tiny Vipers), I immediately started dreaming of a more substantial collaboration between the two. While a rumored collaboration between the two and Benoît Pioulard has yet to surface (perhaps that material is what ended up as the … [Read more...]

Ital – Hive Mind

The point of music, perhaps, is that genres matter little, if any. Before, you could get away with calling music electronic, but now there has to be a specific, neat and tidy label for every sound under the sun. Or does there? As Ital, Daniel Martin-McCormick is unconcerned with the tidiness of labels and more into the dynamics behind his own, … [Read more...]