New Album from Whitejacket in April

Former Apples In Stereo Moog-man quits vibraphone factory to prep psychedelic piano-pop debut. “The Modern” is the first single from the upcoming debut album “Hollows and Rounds” by Whitejacket.

“The genesis of Hollows and Rounds came from my admiration of the baroque pop of the late sixties and seventies,” says Chris McDuffie of Whitejacket. While the former keyboardist for Elephant 6 leaders The Apple in stereo claims the influence of many obscure artists from the era, he cheerfully admits the obvious. “The Beatles are my first love. These days, I feel like indie types demand a certain literary seriousness from songwriters, but Paul McCartney’s example reminds me that a song doesn’t need to be absolutely sincere or lyrically sublime to succeed.”

After leaving The Apples, McDuffie returned to his native Chicago, taking a job at the now defunct Deagan marimba and vibraphone factory. His work on the line there gave him lots of time to think and plot a return to music on his own terms. Preparations for Hollows and Rounds were material as well as conceptual. With scraps of ebony and bits of wire smuggled back to his studio apartment from the Deagan factory, McDuffie constructed a nearly full-size, 77 key piano that remains integral to his writing process to this day and can be heard on almost every track on the album.