Voidhanger – Wrathprayers

Voidhanger - Wrathprayers

Comprised of members of Infernal War, that blasting beast from behind the wall of the Eastern Bloc, Voidhanger drops a megaton of aggression and anger to the blackened death metal scene. This is a welcome surprise since Infernal War’s last album was a split with Kriegsmachine in 2010. Fans of Infernal War should be able to welcome Wrathprayers from Witching Hour Productions into their home, but don’t worry cause it’s all business— they won’t stay long since they will only need about 30 minutes to ransack your house and burn it to the ground.

When I first heard Infernal War I thought to myself, “Vader better guard their lot.”  Sadly, I wish I felt the same way about Voidhanger. It seems like this may just be a side project or time killer for Warcrimer, however, Wrathprayers is by no means a weak album as it contains a lot of force, but falls short of the mark that set Infernal War apart from the pack. In any case, songs are constructed in a no frills straight forward manner along with the standard blasting affair true to the blackened death/thrash sound.

The track “Vampire of Beuthen” seems to stand head and shoulders above the rest. It is very catchy and heavy with a superb hook and crushing breakdowns. “Sentenced to Fall” is another stout offering that will rival most songs in the genre. “Carnivorous Lunar Activities”, which seems to allude to lycanthropic goings on, has an almost Vader-like feel and could possibly fit right in to their discography. The clever titles continue with “Daughter of Filth” which has a really amazing crunchy groove tucked into the middle of the song.

Wrathprayers is packed with enough material to get your pulse pounding and, with repeated spins, the good becomes overshadowed by the bad. It may just fall a hair short of the intensity encountered in Infernal War, but there is enough here to keep metal heads ensconced in chaos. Only thing left to do is crank it up and let it rip long and loud.