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Second Album from Bad Weather California out now

Bad Weather California's new LP Sunkissed, is their 2nd full length album and debut for Akron/Family's Family Tree Records label. The album was recorded in Detroit at the home studio of engineer Chris Koltay, produced by A/F guitarist/singer Seth Olinsky. Sunkissed is being released by Family Tree. Sunkissed is like a 65 Impala convertible driving … [Read more...]

Jozef van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch – Concerning the Entrance Into Eternity

I must admit, its been many years since I've been really pleased with a Jim Jarmusch film. I was an obsessive fan of his work in the 80's and 90's. From Stranger than Paradise all the way through Ghost Dog, I anticipated each release. Although I don't care for his film work these days, I was excited to hear about his musical endeavors with the … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#26 (Shearwater’s Jonathan Meiburg on Laughing Stock)

Shearwater’s Jonathan Meiburg on... Talk Talk’s Laughing Stock (Verve/Polydor, 1991) It was the depths that drew me in.  I woke up under a wool coat on the floor at a friend’s house during one of our early tours to the smell of fresh coffee and the sound of a needle dropping onto an LP - and then the first muted trumpet note and violin … [Read more...]

New Album from Crushed Stars in March

In The Bright Rainwas recorded with Stuart Sikes (White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Cat Power) and once again, the majority of the album’s instrumentation was handled by Todd Gautreau. Guests include drummer Jeff Ryan (St. Vincent, War on Drugs) Howard Draper (formerly of Okkervil River/Shearwater) and Buffi Jacobs (The Polyphonic Spree). After a … [Read more...]

Forefather – Last of the Line

Self-described as "Anglo-Saxon Metal" from the UK, Forefather present a refreshing, stripped-down take on the viking/folk metal genre.  Brothers Wulfstan and Athelstan have purposely tried to distance themselves from the stereotypes that go along with the black metal label and it would appear they have succeeded in this quest.  Last of the Line on … [Read more...]

Labirinto di Specchi – Hanblecheya

Italian progressive rock group Labirinto di Specchi possesses staggering dynamics and poetics on its debut, Hanblecheya; however, considering that they’re on the Lizard Records roster, this really isn’t that surprising. With acts like Garden Wall and Nichelodeon infusing inventive timbres and a fair share of theatrics into their music, the label is … [Read more...]

Third EP from Inca Gold out now The London quartet - featuring members Ezequiel Claverie, Ben Chatwin, Alex Lewis and Chris Howarth - released their third EP, Inca Gold III. Self-recorded, mixed and produced - their sound is defined by experimentation in the studio. Like Flying Saucer Attack and Deerhunter before them, they … [Read more...]

Heartless Bastards – Arrow

This is an album I struggled to not like. I wanted to like it. In fact, all of the elements of a likeable album are there: the strong band, the excellent songwriting, memorable lyrics, and some occasional hooks. But the parts don’t add up and, after repeated listenings where I waited for something to catch, for me to “get it”; I ended up just … [Read more...]

Album from A Good Country Mile out now

a good country mile is a historic collaboration between longtime friends and musical cohorts kevn kinney (drivn' n cryin') and Anton Fier/The Golden Palominos (Feelies, Pere Ubu, Bob Mould Band) made in a spirit of mutual admiration and respect and an abiding belief in the transformative power and purity of rock 'n' roll. Conceived over the course … [Read more...]

New Video from Lola Dutronic

Red Star Digital Music is proud to announce the release of "Keep Your Dreams", the second single from the highly regarded "New York Stories" EP by Canada's Lola Dutronic. Written by Suicide's Martin Rev & Alan Vega, "Keep Your Dreams" is an uplifting journey into the world of Lounge/Dance/Sentimentality/Romance & Hope. YouTube Link: … [Read more...]