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Cursive – I Am Gemini

I Am Gemini, the great Cursive’s seventh album, comes with a twelve page “play” of sorts, which purports to tell the story of twins that are separated at birth. As the press kit breathlessly notes, one twin is good, and the other is evil, “Are they two halves of one whole?” My first reaction was: “what the hell?’ The mystery lessened, a little, … [Read more...]

Drudkh – Eternal Turn of the Wheel

Ukraine's Drudkh have always managed to merge just enough atmosphere, mood, aggression and melody into their well-crafted, lengthy songs.  For 2012, Drudkh offer up Eternal Turn of the Wheel on Season of Mist.  I was a pretty big fan of 2009's Microcosmos, but missed the boat on the mixed reviewed Handful of Stars.  On their ninth full length it … [Read more...]

New Album from Cuddle Magic in March

 Info Nympho is the third full-length album from Cuddle Magic, a chamber-pop collective whose membership is split between Brooklyn and Philadelphia. The new album was recorded at Trout Studios in Brooklyn, engineered and mixed by Bryce Goggins (Swans, Akron/Family, Larkin Grimm) and self-produced by the group. It's being released on FYO Records … [Read more...]

Sleigh Bells – Reign of Terror

In my full-time job as a middle school band director, I’m often afforded the singular opportunity to bridge the gap between my own listening preferences and those of my students. When we’re not preparing works by the luminaries of grade school wind band music (John O’Reilly, James Swearingen, Robert W. Smith, etc.), any number of other artists’ … [Read more...]

New Album from Little Wings out now

Ltd Ed of 300 LPs in covers that were hand-painted by Kyle Field of Little Wings, who is as renowned for his art as he is his incredible songwriting. A split release with the awesome Gnome Life Records in Big Sur, CA(, Made it Rain was originally released on cassette as part of their Echomancy series. PIAPTK, GnomeLife, … [Read more...]

Perfume Genius – Put Your Back N 2 It

So much about being an artist is sharing your feelings and sentiments to the world and hoping it all sounds genuine. Often, we’re jaded by musicians who attempt to understand the real world and mundane lives during the grime, when the musician has no idea what is happening – let alone how much a gallon of gas costs. That isn’t the case so much with … [Read more...]

Debut EP from Mirror Lady out now

Listen to Mirror Lady's "Roman Candles" MP3 Link: With the release of their first two singles, Mirror Lady has already been dubbed 'LA's band of the Month' by The Deli Magazine, “the next US based blog darlings” by Music Fans Mic and have been called “a band to watch” in 2012 by Cactus … [Read more...]

Oakenshield – Legacy

To continue right along with the recent pattern of folk/viking metal reviews, I now come across Oakenshield from West Yorkshire, England. This is a one man project led by Ben Corkhill. Legacy, from Einheit Productionen, is the second album from Oakenshield who on first listen has some of the same musical attributes as Falkenbach. Legacy opens … [Read more...]

Big Sir – Before Gardens After Gardens

A singer/songwriter whose résumé accolades include collaborations with the likes of M83 and Air meets the bass player from the Mars Volta in 1990s Los Angeles and forms the most unlikely of musical alliances.  What does it sound like, you might wonder?  Lisa Papineau’s voice possesses an Imogen Heap-meets-Bat for Lashes resplendence - dreamy, and … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 2 Albums and 1 EP

The Phoenix Foundation – Buffalo Memphis Industries Records The Phoenix Foundation (not to be confused with French band Phoenix) has released Buffalo (album cover-wise not to be confused with the Heartless Bastards’ recent artwork), a breezy, but hit-or-miss potluck of retro, refined, … [Read more...]