Yeti Lane – The Echo Show

Yeti Lane - The Echo Show

Yeti Lane - The Echo Show

I’ve always had an affinity for shoegaze/psych-pop; striking melodies and vocals are complemented with experimental, somewhat avant-garde production, culminating in fascinating and moving music. On its second LP, The Echo Show, Yeti Lane achieve this perfectly. Each listen reveals more nuances, and the songs etch themselves in your mind.

The follow-up to their 2010 self titled debut, the Perisian duo consists of Ben Pleng (vocals, guitar, bass, and keyboards) and Charlie B (drums, keyboards, programming). After founding member LoAc Carron left last year, Yeti Lane revised its sound to “…dig the kraut/spacerock side of our music…we now take the time to elaborate the moods as well as walls of sound.” However they describe it, their sound is spectacular.

“Analog Wheel” opens the record with surreal loops and ethereal sounds. The dreamy qualities of no-man come to mind as Pleng lets his voice swim into the music. It’s not the most exciting starter, but it sets the stage nicely. “The Echo Show” is much more moving as the collage of timbres creates affective crescendos, and “Warning Sensations” is instantly catchy and free-spirited. Radio-friendly “Strange Call” possesses the immediacy of The Dear Hunter’s Yellow EP (from The Color Spectrum).

The best song on The Echo Show is “Alba.” Beginning with casual guitar strumming and a silky smooth melody, its chorus is simply exquisite. While every track on the album offers something special, this track is truly an example of great songwriting. “Faded Spectrum” closes the album with a sublime contrast of hectic ambience and soaring vocals. Finally, The Echo Show features four brief and beautiful interludes between the actual songs, which helps give the album a sense of conceptuality and cohesion; it flows effortlessly.

Yeti Lane has crafted a masterful album with The Echo Show. While many similar artists focus more on odd sounds than on craft and composition, Pleng and B prove that the genre can be exciting and inspiring when both are given equal attention. All in all, The Echo Show is a wonderful experience that will stay with you long after its done playing.