The Church’s Marty Willson-Piper releases Noctorum album

Noctorum – Honey Mink Forever

Heyday Records in collaboration with In Deep Recordings are proud to announce the release of the third Noctorum album Honey Mink Forever.

Recorded at The VIP Lounge in Penzance, Cornwall, Marty Willson-Piper and Dare Mason have written another eclectic set with the only thread being their diverse musical tastes and longstanding friendship.

The first 500 people to order the album will be given three free downloads. The first song Better Hope You’re Not Alone is a taster track – the other two do not appear on the album. These two bonus tracks, Turn the Dial And Scream and The Fugitive have an interesting story. Dare and Marty each sing their own lyrics and vocal melody over the same musical backing. It’s a unique and interesting experiment that shows a personality can shape anything into one’s own personal vision.

Dare and Marty grew up together in the North West of England close to Manchester and Liverpool spending their teenage years on the Wirral Peninsula between Liverpool and North Wales. Marty’s tenures with Australian cult band the church, English folk goths All About Eve and punk legends The Saints are a good indication of his eclecticism. Dare has an extensive CV as a producer/ engineer working with Queen, Prince, David Sylvian, Ravi Shankar, Paul McCartney and a whole host of different kinds of artists. He has also recorded and released two ambient albums.

Together they make a musical stew of diverse ingredients, happily genre-hopping from Pink Floyd-esque epics, to rock, folk and pop, even jazz rock. The ten tracks are invariably richly harmonic and melodic but can also be dark and aggressive. Always lyrically intriguing with stories of woe, love, fantasy and down to earth songs of reality, Noctorum will take you on a journey outside of yourself, inside of yourself and everywhere in between.

Record label:
Heyday Records

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