The Aviation Orange – “Etch A Postcard”

The Aviation Orange

The Aviation Orange have carved their own niche in the burgeoning New York City scene. As hard as it is to get ahead, with so many acts competing for the spotlight, TAO blend London’s The Sundays with Manchester legends The Smiths. This unique blend can be heard best on track 6 off of their East Of Here EP titled “Etch A Postcard”.

Vocalist/guitarist Mike Nesci and vocalist/keyboardist Cherie Hannouche are a perfect match. Their pitch and tonal range dance within Kate Rogers’ upbeat bass line and drummer Josh Harris’ swinging back beat. Rounding out The Aviation Orange is guitarist Alex Beninato who creates a delicate, wispy high-end to this closing track.

The Aviation Orange have been playing in around the New York City area since 2007, and have been gaining momentum ever since. With East Of Here, this 5 piece continue to gain notoriety that will hopefully follow them well into the future.


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